Saturday, October 24, 2009

Schizophrenic Me

Note: Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality

Pink robe outlined with silver lace, a hairdo ornamented with fancy beads, bracelet and anklet of jasmine flowers, a conch shell necklace hanging low in an off shoulder crape gown.

Yes, No other person but me dressed up in the above mentioned outfit ... :-). In order to give final touch to my mermaid appearance, I pampered my cheeks with the blush of rose essence. It took me almost 2 hours to get ready to fly to a land of wonders.

Few days back only, I got a pass to visit and travel across this country. This country named “Neverland” whose literal meaning suggests, a land which cannot be found, welcomed me with its cheerful dimples. I was glad to receive such a warm reception, as only few got a chance to visit the “Neverland”. I was Lucky!!

As I started walking with my pearl heels on meadows which were bejeweled with glittering gems, the ecstasy and romance of the fumes of hazy sky toned up my sentiments for the natural world.

Traveling few more miles and watching this untouched beauty, voluntarily forced me to reserve its bits in my memory book.

I was amazed to see the mesmerizing locality. A soil, where trees were overloaded with fruits of peace. Their trunks were wrapped in a silver coil of self-esteem. Leaves were dipped in a golden spa of tenderness. They all were planted in an architectural format. Some patches represented a heart while some embodied a pictorial view of unusual symbols.

Well, I was not invited to Neverland to sense its beauty but to meet the *HighPriestess Empress, the Queen of Intuition, an authority who rules our inner constitution and guides our naked soul.

On arriving at the boundary of her empire of wisdom, I was escorted by her servants who rode on *Pegasus. We all flew to her situate. On the way, my senses got captured while checking out the bouquets of flowers, having all the robbed hues of a butterfly’s wings, hanging from the seventh heaven. Also, I checked out her garden whose adornment resembled the radiance of a peacock’s feather. Her decorum was such that the flowing streams were continuously singing songs of her praises. Whereas, White tulips planted at the banks of the bubbling river water added up to the upcoming music by showing rhythmic dance movements.

Finally, the moment came. I was set in my admiring robe to meet her.

Gosh!!! Her charm completely matched to *Neferiti. Her gaze was enough to make me feel at peace and calm down my mind which was puzzled with questions. Till now, I was wondering, why I was the chosen one? Why she invited me?

Cyclonic thoughts imprisoned my brain but she was aware of it. Therefore, was kind enough to solve my query immediately. She said “Child, I know not only you but whole human race faces difficult circumstances at one or the other time. I do not want any of you to collapse at the face of unfortunate situation. I wish to help you. Hence, Listen to me carefully!

Do always remember a sacred teaching which is commonly stated in Bible, Koran, Bhagavad-Gita, Sai Satcharitra and Vedas. It says:

“Sorrow is part of our life; no one can escape it, and if somebody thinks so, he/she will be highly disappointed, therefore, never be afraid of it. Face it with courage and intellect”.

Further she made me aware of with my hidden asset, my intuitive knowledge. She clarified “Our Intuitive Mind is our entire energy field which is separate from but connected to everything that is. Our energy field begins with our aura and contains our chakras, meridians and our soul’s connections to the earth and our source of higher wisdom and knowingness; within it our greatest presence and all that we are as we live in union with Mother Earth, our Guides, Ancestors and the Divine Supreme Wisdom is contained”
She added “Trust yourself. You already have everything you need inside. Listen to your inner self which yields uncritically held knowledge that resonates as truth.”

After letting me know few chapters of her great intelligence she disappeared.

And I was left alone and back to my original materialistic dead world.

But one thing was for sure, I was the chosen one as I got the wisdom directly from the Goddess of Intuition :-)

After few days, as per her command, I started spreading her message to create and build a better society but alas nobody understood me. Despite, I was considered as an odd man out.

People queried : if I am Schizophrenic!!!

*HighPriestess: Goddess of intuition, as per Tarot concept which originated in Milan,Italy; *Pegasus: Winged horse in Greek Mythology; *Neferiti: Queen of Egypt, symbol of Beauty

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