Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Teacher:” NATURE”

As I flip through the pages of the Book of Nature.........

• “S” shaped limited-access highway of mountain peaks takes me on a roller-coaster ride of adventurous journey of existence, preparing me for every turn of life which is full of surprises.
• Queue of triangular Pine trees, waiting for opportunity to sense buzz of windy breeze, asking me to watch out for my turn to experience and gain survival skills from the wisdom of nature’s dignity.
• Far lush green forests of the valley summon me for a quiet walk, offering to develop understanding of a better life by observing the intimacy of wild sanctuary.
• Cotton crystals of ice slides on membrane of my pink skin, forcing me to fall in love to breathe up a meaningful living.
• Jingle of cracking basin water against rocks, compelling me to lend ears to assist them to solve their puzzling fight for authority, and thus asking me to help the needful soul.
• Baby clothes of smoky fog, sufficient enough to wrap only the summit point of Bluish-green Mountains, narrating me the hugging tales of clouds; thus preaching to support beloved’s in hard-hitting times.
• Tender Sunrays stretches its wings of magnificence across valley’s “V” setting the hen’s alarm, making me more liable to wake up on time and thus to find out purpose of my being.
• Heavy rains of heavens slips through mount slides, asking me to make a note of discarding the painful moments and restore the rainbow of band of joy only.
• Falls carving their way across leaves, trying to peep through the split of roaring rocks, suggesting me the recycling behavior of sorrow and joy in our lives.
• Twinkles of hanging houses in starry night push me to dream for the Perfection.
This is the beauty of nature it teaches us everything in silence mode that too without a fee!!

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