Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reunion Invite

Check out your brain box, through telepathy I have sent you a wish memo
Check out your machine, I have asked your computer register to store the clicks of our concert
Check out your doorstep, I have requested messengers of Cloud to drop Birthday greetings
Check out your dreams, I have appealed Angel’s to pass my secret plan
Check out your music store, I have added new songs of situation review
Check out your senses, I have pleaded them to store my scent
Check out your nerves, I have demanded blood to circulate tales of emotions
Check out your Life, I have prayed to HIM to reserve a place for me
Check out your friend’s list, I have urge to know the name,who can challenge the genetics of cloned species
You must be wondering why I am telling you to check out
Yes, It’s not that I am in Need
It’s just that GOD told me that we are destined
Ship of my journey is harbored for another 1296000 seconds
Readout the theorem
Decode the letter
Right now I am a theist but I might become atheist, if I don’t get the Justice from SUPREME!!!

1 comment:

  1. woaaaao
    Its criptography at its best.
    The best thing is ,nothing is hidden here but nothing is revealing.....
    Carry on the superb work.....