Friday, October 23, 2009

Justice Redefined

Have I not genuinely counseled a person who was under difficult state of affairs?
Did I step back, when even an acquaintance requested to lend a hand of help?
Did I ever lie down to any of my relations?
Did I curse anyone for his/her deeds?
Were my intentions for people around me not true and honest?
Did I ever become disrespectful to my elders and to my younger?
Did I try to loot other’s deserving?
Didn't I get happy at the accomplishments of my colleagues?
Have I not prayed to you for my friends to bless them with your maximum grade?
Have I offered my corporation to any disastrous cause?
Did I not see YOU in my parents?
Did I escape a situation and accepted unfairness?
Did I not follow your path of illumination?
If, I haven’t redefined your rules then why are YOU redefining it by doing injustice to Me????////>>>

1 comment:

  1. True & Sincere questions asked. Let me try to reply to them from God's point of view if I could (although I am a human :P)...

    - Haven't that opportunity to counsel someone in distress made you strong and grasp difficult ways of life ??
    - Didn't this act of help made your acquaintance realize your friendship and made you feel nice??
    - Do you really wish to lie down to your relations in the first place, that you ask me so ??
    - Didn't you really ?? Look back in your life and ask me this question again.
    - They were and I am proud of you my child. What do you wish in return from me- that others also be honest to you ??
    - Didn't this make you feel humble and proud in front of your elders and young ones ??
    - If you had looted, then I wouldn't have answered to your questions. Didn't this make you strong to work for your own credits ??
    - Did you do this for something in return ?? Happiness can't be measured and accounted for. By doing so, you stand different from them & I know this.
    - Your prayers were heard & in return I helped and intend to help you out from time to time in your life (without you knowing it).
    - You did and for this your parents are obliged to you in their life. But I live within all my child. Did you see me in that mosquito too when you swatted it away ?? Did you see me in that dog which was hit by a car ?? Did you see me in those people who died in war ?? Do you see me in yourself when you ask me such questions ??
    - You did try to escape by asking me these questions, but I don't mind. By facing a situation, have I not giving you the opportunity & strength to face tough times ?? There is nothing unfair in this world of mine, although it may seem to you so. With time you will know the truth about all this, if you still wish so.
    - The path of illumination I show is a tough and long one. You make me proud by stepping forth to walk on this path. This path shall give to you knowledge and answers to things you know not, but for that you need to keep an open mind all along. You can't question darkness when the Sun is set, for it has reason to do so. You can't ask for warmth while walking on the Poles.

    - My merely asking this question about redefining, you show your ignorance to my rules. I have never changed my rules, they remain same; its you who couldn't understand it in the first place and try to redefine it as per your wishes. I wish not to do injustice to you, but I can't always ensure that you are been shown justice for your deeds. You chose to walk on my shown path, you prayed to me about your life's ways; I never commanded you to do so. All I do is to give you opportunities, rest lies with you as to what to do with them.
    My ways are mysterious, my ways are unconventional, my ways are illogical, my ways are divine....yet my child- my ways are known, my ways are conventional, they are logical and they are humane.