Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hail O Destiny !!

Wow!! This is certainly out of the box….never expected such a beautiful surprise.
Oops! What all is happening with me these days…this is mysterious man
Damn! I am left with nothing
Bullshit! What a f***ing turn in my life
For sure we all have used these phrases at least once in our so called living years. Every time it’s not returns of our efforts sweat, social network benefit, probability born out of state of affairs, our merits or demerits…bla bla… but something which is unexpected, unexplainable and unscientific…..yes life is a Pandora’s box….it has chocolates as well as acid pills. Guess, in one word we can call these bizarre happenings as “DESTINY”. An array of sudden surprises which transforms and governs key decisions in our existence. A concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the cosmos and in order to live it, our present episodes get aligned accordingly. Seriously, after knowing its definition I am bound to inquire
Fish! If my current practice is different to my predetermined course then I should better be ready to get a twist either in the form of a shock or pleasant endowment. Balls! If I am going to be a prey of a "bullet that has my name on it" then why the hell I should bother to practice all the good words dictated in Dictionary. In anyway, I will get my share Less, Enough or More.
Well I know it pretty well that none of us follow this theory, we all do our piece of effort and eat it’s bread peacefully but then the question comes how to control the inflow of these surprising events (obviously, if it is unpleasant) or how to amplify the propitious occasions (especially when they are of high benefit ). One thing is for sure it is unruly; we can just do our part of the pack and leave the rest to Universal Energies (if GOD believer) or just add it up to our failure endeavors and scrutinize the errors (if do not accept all this Crap).
Since I am a servant to Almighty, so I perceive the idea behind the term of discussion with a bit philosophical eye :-).
I consider Life as a Hockey match, where, we have a stick, a ball to play and an intention to make it reach to the net to earn a goal.
Sometimes, we catch a “clear off” signal from life, thus, getting a straight patch of ground, where we do not get opposite team players (postulates an image of hurdles, demons, and evils), leading to goal. If, chance is a good chance then we might get assistance and surprises which boosts our inner-self and acts as a tonic to turn a situation in a complete win-win attitude.
But again, the flip side of coin shows quiet a different picture of match. While going smoothly, all of a sudden we start encountering so many players and regardless of our attempt we miss the ball. Oh yes!! Question is still unanswered. We just can’t take a hold of situation “the destiny”.
Umm!! Up to an extent it is true also. Quite a few times; our prayers, intentions, desires, needs are not answered. Whatever we do goes in vain, and add up to piles of a garbage box. But one thing I would like to share and ask: Do you really entertain a kid every time with his/her stubborn demands? Sometimes, you may and many a times you may not. Reason, being an elder and experienced person we are aware of the consequences of the proposed request. At times an elder might grant his/her application just to develop him/her as a better individual through rugged lessons. Guess, GOD has somewhat similar theory.
Hmm!! Ok accepted!! But every time we do not come up with dishonest demands…right! Sometimes we are really serious and its impact is disastrous on our well being…so, which theorem applies to it?
Sorry!! Even I don’t have any answer to it…….please let me know if you have one :-)


  1. I completely buy your point. Nice post! :)

  2. A great deal to learn...........Keep it up Thanks

  3. "Ishwar ki maya ishwar hi jaane" .....It explicitly tells us that if one does believe in Almighty then one can't comprehend his ways of helping his believer. Its been long time since you posted this blog so I am sure by now you know the answer, as evolution is a constant process :) ... Many times we ourselves don't know what's necessary for us although we feel otherwise; trust nature to know it beforehand