Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Conscious Vs Subconscious

Conscious Vs Subconscious, logic Vs intution. The very concept behind the bars lies in the theme of discernment. Our mind is adapted to remembrance and locks the happenings as a code in our so called C.P.U. It has got sky-scraping reasoning ability and we respond to our daily responsibilities utilizing our RAM, warehouse of experiences, observations, equations, teachings, Para-intelligence. Our mind grows and began to expand all the ingredients considered necessary to live mortally in this immortal world.
In this flash of human race we forget to remunerate and cultivate our natural sense, gifted to each one of us-the sixth sense, the intuition, the sub-conscious. If, we all are blessed with it than why not even 0.1% of human breed has it? We grow up by considering facts which might be useful to us to survive in materialistic world. We presume ourselves as Human but our actions denote an animal’s wisdom.
Subconscious is very delicate it gets demolished at the arrival of dishonesty. At a certain difficult circumstance a lustful person will ask his soul- “What’s the pleasure?” a greedy person “What’s the profit?” a mean person "How is it useful?" a coward person’s words will be “Is it safe?” whereas an honest individual will inquire “Is it right or wrong, tell me the answer, it hardly matters if I stand alone for the Justice”. We our prearranged with organs and senses allotted with certain purpose. If we don’t understand and respect the idea behind the creation, it will be lost as we do not deserve it and do not have enough wisdom to carry it. Oh Dear God! We thank you so much to sanctify us with the most useful magical stick which knew almost all the answers and would have never made us fall short but because of our mistake we mislaid our most precious sense. It warns about the hidden dangers and reveals the cockpit of possessions but works in pure environment. My soul is not left pure. One or the other way I am corrupted, so I am bound to use my conscious mind which works on probability factor and thus always hold risk.

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  1. This philosophy is unlike all other philosophies. The special thing about this is that the view is modern unlike any other contemporary piece of philosophy.