Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pain of Absence

Missing you became my habit
To take away you from me was as hard as to eliminate salt from ocean.
It happened to be in autumn but the sarcasm of the season did not allow me to transit to spring.
The wishful eyes ached enough that nerves of my heart could not rest for a second.
The troughs and crests of facial appearance resembled a cardiograph.
It went high at the snapshot of moments of togetherness and descended down at meeting the face of reality.
Emotional loss overpowered and jammed my jaws
The inner zeal collapsed like a comet and the debris got vanished in the solar system.
The disaster troubled my outer shell as well. The young leaf got dehydrated.
The threads of Gravitational pull of the earthly worldly objects freed me.
Guess! It was the peak time to learn to how to survive without you.


  1. Its awsme shweta...i eman each each word..its so damn natural and strait frm i never knew tat such a pretty gal had this side too! u Rock sweets!! Keep adding more to ur collection..!!