Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Need

My fondness for you is like a craving of a kid for a candy
My aspiration for your arm-arrest is like a voyager longing for a tree shelter in desert
My thirst to meet you is like a prisoner desiring for freedom.
My hunger to hear from you is like a Muslim gentry yearning every morning to hear Adhan* from Mosque
My eagerness to see you is like a sunflower waiting to blossom in sunshine
In short I am dying for you!!

*Adhan- Means Aazan (Praise of God). Word is not there in dictionary but Muslims use it as an English translation.


  1. oh my Allah
    Bestow all the blessings to with such endearing composition Amen

  2. You are so thoughtful i never realized... but this is real good indeed..
    all the best .. i am waitin fr your new composition ...
    - Pranav