Wednesday, October 7, 2009

O Dear Tear

O Dear Tear!
In my sight you are sacred! I consider you as holy water.
I take you as the most powerful weapon gifted to us by mother Earth and father Universe.
You hold the gravity to express our true inner hidden feelings may it be boundless happiness or sorrow.
You are so divine that each drop of you acts as a prayer but holds equal vengeance and befall as a curse if it crashes down.
I treasure you in my eye pupil and won’t allow it to descend through my cheeks.
I recognize your supremacy. Therefore, do not permit me to collapse.
I ask you, request you, beg you to exercise your righteous authority.
Please do not position me in mass by demonstrating your scientific price of “eye cleanser”.
Hope you will certainly make out my desire and facilitate me with your legitimate influence.
With Due Respect,


  1. wow
    mind blowing, fantabulous, superb
    Fracture ur brain,its a bheja Fry

  2. Yes, our specialty is we serve bheja's with some fresh garnishing on it. Anyways thank you so much Shabbir

  3. aaj fir aankh me nami si hai...
    pata nahi kis baat ki kami si hai....

  4. Truly touching. You have beautifully expressed the importance of tear from a cosmic point of view...Bravo for the capture..