Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yesterday & Tomorrow

It happened few days back when I chatted with a Cuckoo at the dawn of the day. I conveyed to her all my troubles and asked her to carry my request of peace to heavenly world. I got relieved by knowing that at least she cared and valued my words, which I tried to converse in the early morning besides the lake. Breeze carrying the moisture of dew drops of Neem trees wrapped my elegancy and nourished my outer layer with hopes. Though it was a temporary gift from the puff of air, but I strongly believe that it met my moment's requirement. The yellow-golden color rising from the horizon of mercy touched my lips as if tending to pour in few words of wisdom and faith. People sitting and chanting mantras at the corridors of gurdwara forced me to question myself again- "If goodness prevails"? With such thoughts sprinting in my mind; I climbed down the stairs of Gurdwara to witness the holiness of amrit lake which in her womb carried the holy temple.

Well, after coming down from the gurudwara's terrace I viewed the grand lake. Stagnant silent water of the lake with its complete glory of grace somehow happened to smile at me with a peculiar curve. It was then when I raised my eyebrows to know the recipe of her cookery show. "Wait…wait Ms. Gupta", she gently answered but again daring enough to add it with a teasing whisper “let me pass the message which I have brought for you”. Meanwhile I too got interested in her fancy bait. It was then when I noticed chirpy water splashes of fishes. The emerging water ripples emphasized to try for the moment and secretly murmured, “You swim in the lake of worriness and think of not getting wet; why don't you change your swimming skills?” “Perception”….yes perception is the right word I believe which I can probably co-relate with the understanding of Life related terms. It's just the angle which makes us and the surrounding worthy. To worry is not the solution but to show concern still can be. Why not to make your own calendar where only two days in a week exist “yesterday” and “tomorrow” and above it why not to practice it and say “There are just two days in the week about which and upon which I shall never worry... Yesterday and Tomorrow.”

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Tried

I tried to cry behind the shutter of my eyes
I tried to smile to lie down to the world
I tried to update my outfit to change the pictures of past from my mind
I tried to visit places to stop myself from buying stuff from a hurt shop
I tried to meditate to concentrate on my present
Aaah.. I forgot to try to live in the moment, to know the real worth of the upcoming future