Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Lovers & The Emperor

*Sir Bonheur, the ruler of *Agraban, was highly respected in the heart of his men. Living up his name, his empire was also in continuous mood of joy. The Emperor was quick and energetic, exerting dynamic control over his life. His Physique was about average, like Asian breeds normally do have. His grey hair represented the facts of his advice, wisdom, authority, and grounding. His twinkling eyes had captured all the wisdom through experiences. He's been through the wars, he's ruled his people wisely, and he's experienced all life can throw at him. His simple and slow speech has proved his skills to listen to others first but always to take the final decision on own. He was the King Arthur type. He feels born to rule and at his best was a thoughtful and sensitive leader.

*Kelly was employed as a maid in the King’s Palace. Her duty and responsibility was to take care of the king and his family. She was a very simple female with average height and average looks. Everything about her was very much average. From far she possessed no unique qualities which can make her stand out in the crowd. But still was very close to the king.

Kelly’s innocent thoughtful deeds were really appreciated by the King. Not only Kelly but King was equally affectionate to her. Her self-less devotion towards her job made King to burden her shoulders with more liability. He asked her to serve his whole family- his son, daughter and wife.

In no time she mesmerized everyone with her charm. She herself dint knew about the magical aroma owed by her. Every time she was left with the question mark what’s unique in me or what is so captivating in me?

Anyways, she got her answers from the King’s son *Iona.

“Kelly, you have a heart of rose. You have courage to stand against odds. You are the one who leads by example and not just a mere follower. You have carved your own path without any support. So, in my eyes you rest at a very high position and therefore, I wish to be with you throughout my life.” Iona who was bending on his knees made a proposal.

There was no option to say “NO” to the king’s graceful son. He was complete in every sense.

As the days passed and nights gave a kick start to the new calendar day, Iona’s and Kelly’s friendship grew from a bud to a flower, ready to spread its eternal fragrance.

Like every other love tale, this story also faced a stuck in the relationship. Emperor, the visionary, the adoring ruler, after having known of their relationship sentenced them a life time departure.

Emperor was never surrounded with worldly arrangements. He never had made any annoying decision before. Nobody has ever challenged his perception about life. But this time, guess, he misinterpreted few things.
Kelly, in whose eyes King portrayed a complete picture of a father, was deeply shaken. She always believed that there cannot be a better source for advice than a battle-tested, thoughtful, strategic ruler. But this time she was a bit confused, struggling hard to discover what made the ruler to take such an unlawful decision. It was out of her logical reasoning to understand the hidden influence.

Very soon, the time arrived, as per the judgment, that day was her last day in Agraban. Her watery eyes and cracked lips silently said “Father, don’t take my breathe away!!”

  Decades passed, dates in calendar changed, temperature of air varied but some thing remained constant.

  Kelly is still looking at the closed door of Agraban!
 Source: *Sir Bonheur: In French the word means happiness; * Agraban: Kingdom where Alladin lived; *Kelly: It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is descendant of Ceallach (Princess);   * Iona: In Welsh, the name Iona means- Legendary king of France (Prince)

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  1. aisa lagata hai ke ab koi prince ayega....aur ab apani princess ke liye door open karega...haina????