Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Angel of my Life

Beauty defined in its best possible way
I am lucky to meet her
Hair personifies her poised temperament
Her gaze pulses my lungs
Tone of her voice nurtures my fortitude
Touch of her limbs makes me triumph
Opinion of her is reward in a nightmare
Companionship promotes me as a knight with shining armor
She taught me to be a Phoenix in horrific times
Her soothing care nursed me like a mother
Dew drops in her charming eyes pulled courage out of me
I am in debt to her in so many ways
A mere thanks doesn’t rest her grand affection
She is my angel who came in a chariot of love
She made my life and made me alive
“O Sweetest Kalpana” tell me how this genie can serve you!


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  2. I thought she would be your genie from the way you wrote your words... Now the depth of the ocean is understood, although it was already known. Classic expression of true friendship or **** :P