Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kiss Of Life

Scent of heart of rose petal
Saga of crushed crush
Cream of romantic weather
Cheese of sophisticated cheeks
Sound of shameful grass
Mob of canteen after the class
Taste of melted dark chocolate
Dance in the shower of music
Cocktail in gathering
Cake of pleasure
Comments in assembly
Day of sleep and night of awakeners
Desire to be desired
Bud of friendship
Stuck of relationship
Biscuit of job
Craving of business
Metro attitude
Yes, life has kissed me in so many ways!!


  1. Nice try Shweta :)
    A few things i couldnt digest though. Line 2: "saga of crushed crush" and line 5: "sounds of shameless grass" doesnt seem to fit in the KISS of life context.

  2. A blend of different feelings and experiences in one's life, some good while others could be bad ..
    A worthy commentator Vishal though got confused over line 2 & 5 but therez where the truth rests.. I believe that all the kisses that life gives are not the same. Some are sweet while others could be a Vampire's bite..

  3. very true shivan......poem is perfect amalgam for every1s life.....

  4. Fabulous write up...I read all your posts and they are awesome :)...keep up the good wrk

  5. thats lovely...

    A lifeless person would also love to live after reading this.