Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Moment Of Happiness

A moment of happiness rushed into my verve like a flood without monsoon. It was sudden and it stained the silver lining of the cloud. It was as striking as deer’s thorn and as splendid as a peacock’s crown. The denotation was deep and held the magic of an unexplainable cosmological concept. As the days passed, the secrecy became more shadowy and grew more like an ungainly, puzzled forest wood. I tried to flee and craft the un-fabricated posture of the Iceberg. Struggled to read its underneath. Aah! All in vain. I am Insane. “No, no” said my heart and pumped my blood to brood over the atypical thought. Though life is dusky and seems to be overgenerous “O My Dear Shweta” do not shed your independence. What comes down, goes up also, not said by me but by helm of chance. It started with happiness and will end at blissful note as there are only few more days for earth to go to absolute its axis.

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