Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simply Ritzzzzzzz!!

Note:- The poem is dedicated to my dearest friend "RITURAJ"

My proud mule carves his way,
The success stands and makes him sway,
He is one of the fearless dudes,
Though at times he seems to be a bit rude!

He says he is a mumma’s boy,
Now and then surrounded by her coy,
 He is there to help even a moron,
The bestest thing you can count him on.

Born intelligent and classy,
Just the glimpse of his twinkles makes you feel starry,
The honesty, the giggling he possess,
You cannot witness it in a careless.

The wonder guy is ready, to get set go,
He is a new kid in the Lawyer’s row.
He is here to make it big,
Mind it! You can’t measure it with a twig.

The guy describes himself a strong,
And always portrays doing a ding-dong,
But side by side his emotional show is always on!

He is the one, he is the light,
Who is always ready to indulge in a fight!
He is  Newton, he is  Graham Bell,
His theories and philosophies are out of your stretch.

I have nothing more to say to you,
He is the one and only one our “RITU”

letter to my BEE!!

The dream carried; is on hire
The wake up cloud; is on fire
The only Loss; is not for you
There are more worthies; whom you have to woo

The walk is on the pathless path,
The anxiety is for a meaningful time-pass
The glimpses are of your guilty pleasure,
There is more insanity inside your feather.

The art to capture, the thoughtless thought,
The dazzling assurances in your plot,
The talent to wow the crowd,
My Love! Still you have to battle me out!

The lost identity of our love,
The misinterpreted taste of your touch,
The loyalties of the awaited crush,
You need to do more to make me yours as such!!!!!