Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hippie’s Den

From Chocolate to Morphine: If it feels good, do it! "Yes, I follow it! and I am a Hippie"

Forty years ago, half a million people gathered for three days of peace, love and letting  their private parts flap all over the hashish-covered mud at a place called Woodstock. This movement was established as the historical event in the Hippie subculture.

Back to the 1940's after World War Two there began an anti-establishment movement. People wanting to break away from societies values placed on them. The poet Allen Ginsberg could possibly be considered the father of this movement. Using the written word they began to express their frustration, protesting what they saw wrong with the world. The poetry was not always just read but often performed to music. Inspired from the thoughts of Allen, a group of people came into existence "Beatniks" dressed up in funky clothes and earthly accessories say typically wearing shabby clothes, sporting a beard and wearing sunglasses at all hours. The phrase "I'm Hip" was used quite often by beatniks. Their talk was said to be hip. Some even called them "Hipsters". Thus, the beginning of the Hippies.

They sang the song “How does it feel, How does it feel to be without a home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone?” and left the society and discovered their subculture. They promoted openness and tolerance as alternatives to the restrictions and regimentation they saw in middle-class society. In their view, our society has a plan for each of us. We can conform and be a part of the system, or we can discover who we really are, and express our unique individuality. The system has little tolerance for self-expression if it veers beyond the acceptable conformity. But they were the one who completely believed “Say no to Intolerance!”

Hippies used drugs to attain Nirvana, which is like, totally freakin' awesome! Hippies got all the weed, pot, bongs, heroin, AIDS, and deep fried banana peels from mystical lands of enchantment like Columbia and China.

Hippies advocated nonviolence and love “Make love, not war,” for which they were sometimes called “flower children.” They followed no religion still blindly worshiped and dutifully followed every commandment of ONE holy book. The Hippie Bible, which features commandments such as "Love thy nectar" and "Thou shalt not bathe."

Dressed up differently and uniquely in a local vest, crazy bandanas, colorful beads, and patch worked clothes carrying funky junky bags Hippie’s attracted everyone with their Retro-ishtyleeee (style!). Hippie fashions originated from used clothes bins, army/navy stores, and handmade clothes from scraps. In other words, whatever was cheap and available. They were not the buyers of high classy brands but made their fashion statement from the local stores by using their creative sense. They roared “Like a true Nature's child, we were born, born to be wild”

They openly demonstrated the use and practice of Sex and Drugs. Their theory was Sex is full of lies. The body tries to tell the truth, but it's usually too battered with rules to be heard. We cripple ourselves with lies. Most people have no idea of what they're missing, our society places a supreme value on control, on hiding what you feel. It mocks primitive culture and prides itself on the suppression of natural instincts and impulses. But this subculture does not believe in suppressing “TRUE INNER-SELF!”

Dr. Timothy Leary, a Harvard professor and a supporter of Hippiedom had ideas about LSD. He said "LSD is western yoga. The aim of all Eastern religion, like the aim of LSD, is basically to get high; that is to expand your consciousness and find ecstasy and revelation within".

“Purple Haze all in my brain, lately things don't seem the same. 
Actin' funny but I don't know why. 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky” 

Mind-blowing, the idea completely rocks :-)

The popular stereotype of hippies describes them as lazy, unmotivated, and even apathetic. At times they can be this way, especially when stoned. But if we look back at history, we'll find just how many causes they were actively involved with, and how many great things they have accomplished. Hippies started the ecology movement. They combated racism. They liberated sexual stereotypes, encouraged change, individual pride, and self-confidence. They questioned robot materialism. In four years they managed to stop the Vietnam War. They got marijuana decriminalized in fourteen states during the Carter Administration.

They preached and taught the world “Our responsibility as individual cells of a living organism is to perform our individual functions as well as possible. Our orders come from within…we are free to be ourselves… Our lives will grow richer and richer as the health of the total organism improves. Our destiny is unimaginably high”

What I perceive from the lifestyle and philosophies of Hippie’s is that in order to be a true hippy one should overcome fear. Fear begets violence. Fear is perpetrated by governments and other institutions (churches, temples are another good example) that try to control our mind. Free your mind and free your fears. Then WE will be in control. Then we won't need others telling us what to think and do.

In my view, they are far better than those hidden monsters in our society who claims to be good and descent but actually practice the “URGE”. Big time cowards! who publicly don’t accept their deeds but constantly follow their true mind in dark. What a group of frightful people who cannot stand their own actions? Baseless & useless Mules! Jesus! These Hippies are infinite times superior to these social Hippocrates.

I salute their endeavors, their courage to accept things publicly and live the way they want as Life is nothing but “Inner-happiness”.

Though I am an  individual with completely different lifestyle and practice that doesn't match Hippie's culture even to a decimal point but yes I am a die hard fan of their belief  “Reveal and respect your true being” a basic idea of a true Hippie and to my best I try to follow it in my so called Life!

If they say Hippie’s are from hell, never mind, atleast this hell is more beautiful and real than this man created synthetic heaven.

I am in so much of love with them that at this point of time I can simply roar "Get up, stand up! Stand up for your right! Don't give up the fight!Once a Hippie, Always a Hippie! Come and Live Life"

Lotsa Love to Hippie’s

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