Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Aakhir Kyun???"

Kyun ye aasaman dikhta hai jhootha                         
Aur kyun ye dharti koi raag gaati nahi

Ye suraj roz ugta hai
Fir bhi kyun samay ki ye dhaara kuch batati nahi

Parinde to har roz yu hi chehka karte hain
Kyun fir bhi ye, koi sandesh laate nahi

Hawa roz hi sain sain karke baha karti hai
Kyun ye hamari baat un tak pahunchati nahin

Chaand chupke se yu hi raat ko nikalta to hai
Par kyun ye roshni se apni muzhe nehlata nahin

Yu to shaam savere woh nigaah, deedare haqiqat kartee hai mera
Par kyun, jane kyun, woh is chahat ka ikraar karte hi nahi

Par shayad ye mera hee fasana hai ai dost
Jo jindagi ki lehar, gun gunati hi nahin

Bas guzarish itni si hai yaaron
jara jhaank ke to dekho idhur udhar bhi
kahin ye reh guzar tumhari bhi to nahin!!

Note: Written by me. Revised by Kalpana

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Realization & Correction

If you're looking for the guilty, you only need to look into a mirror !!

"It is man's intrinsic and irreducible self-responsibility to humanize himself, to exercise his entire range of rational and moral resources to raise his mode of being and seeing and acting above not just that of animals, but also above that of the majority of subhuman (never to be self-realized) humans who will never draw themselves into a self-punishing position of focal self-diagnosis and self-acountability."

Today, man commits a mistake but puts the blame on someone else or to his situation. He doesn’t think twice in saying that we were forced to take such decision because of the laid circumstances. Why to blame a situation? Why not to blame your attitude? Why not question your sense of sensing and perceiving the condition? He points out the idiocies of others, but fails to see his own stupidities. Man speaks and read about so many good things and never fails to call it as a part of his personality. But the irony is, he always fails when it comes to actions. What is the use of reading good books like “How to be a winner” if you haven’t learned the basic theory of how to be a winner in your own eyes. Was it read just to speak fancy statements in public? Your own actions finalize and overwrite your sayings and thoughts. Even if you give a thought and look back at your deeds, you yourself will get each and every answer. Try and justify that whatever you have done to others was it always “kind and human”? Most of the times, we simply do not pay attention to our inner-self to cross check our deeds and the reason can either be of the two options.  First is: we already know that we have participated in a wrong behavior irrespective of the fact that only mistakenly mistake was committed or that time situations lead to our thoughtless behavior by jamming our wisdom. Second is we just don’t wish to make ourselves feel low and thus escape the past mistakes and say “jo hua so ho gaya, abb kya sochna, jaane do, aage ka dekho”. Aren’t we committing a mistake over a mistake by neglecting the faults of the past happenings? My concern to write this post is not just to make all of us realize that we should do the post-mortem of previous actions and learn something out of it so that future can be toned up accordingly but to bring out the point that not only realization is important but also correcting it is equally or more important. Realize your mistakes and correct it. I mean exactly what was tried to portray in the movie “Bachna aye Haseeno”. Ranbeer Kapoor cheated on three girls but in the last he realizes his mistake and get back for the punishment. I do not wish to go in deep and to have a dialogue about other points of the movie but to tell that realization and correction should go hand in hand. There is no use of self-realization without correction as the end point has not reached. If you have done a mistake, which we all do in a way, then please don’t hesitate to accept the mistake. To err is human but to accept & correct the err is “real and alive human”. I know the toughest thing on this planet is to accept one’s mistake and attitude but to admit it openly is the biggest example of proving the “Virtuous You”. Not every one can do it. I have no idea about others but in my eyes that person or I myself will situate him/her with far more respect and love. For me the real defeat is “if I fail to stand in my own eyes”

Note: I came across the thought "if you are looking........" in my friend's blog and have tried to explain it or to add up in the analysis with another point of view.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Note: The below mentioned conversation was the outcome of the discussion on my previous post “Bet”. That post had only one sentence which speaks about love expression. I, in my view, liked the conversation with Kush, my office colleague, and would like to post the exchange of ideas and dialogues. The chat represents view points on “LOVE”. For the convenience, let me re-write the sentence on which all the dialogues are based. The disputed line is:
“I offered you my lifetime slavery. Let me bet, if you get a better or even an equivalent offer!”

Kush: To be a slave is to be low,
for even I am not a king..
Don't offer or submit to anyone,
don't shed that free wing....

Share your life with pride,
for even a slave can at times rise..
Let me know your true worth,
let me feel that you are wise....

No offer is more or less,
you are meant to share the reign
I give you back your freedom,
beside my throne you are to be seen....

Shweta : Indeed an ever nicely written fact a poem...I truly admire and agree with what you have written....but just to add or can say just to bring to your notice.. the view point & thought that I meant by the by saying slave means SURRENDER....I offered my slavery... means... I surrender myself and my love to you...I surrender my unconditional ownership to you...I love you and respect you to that extent that I even won't mind loosing my fact I will feel proud..the same proud which a stream feels, after merging with an ocean ....the sense of completeness...the sense of purpose...the essence of togetherness......

Kush: Well said, I did understand your meaning in the first place. Lets rephrase my answer in another way, meaning remaining same though..

Let there be no compromise,
for true love believes in it not...
It only sees love and respect,
the heart is never shot....

Love means not to loose,
it doesn't know "I" or "YOU"
It only knows about giving,
it knows to be true....

Love asks not,
Love demands none..
It only feels the presence,
it only bathes in the Sun....

For what I mean to say,
is that love is always mutual..
Don't surrender or submit to other,
Don't even go for a fierce dual....

True as you say,
the stream merges in ocean..
but no more it remains fresh & sweet,
no more it experiences its own motion....

To loose oneself in love,
is to mean subtraction..
But is that what love is about ??
'Cause completeness comes with addition....

PS: What I mean is its good if love is unconditional, but not at the cost of you leaving your true self behind. No surrender, no submission, no slavery and no individuality is lost in love...rather it is expressed more but altogether in a different sense.

Shweta : My Answer:

K: “It only knows about giving”
S: unconditional giving itself means Surrender or Devotion.

K: Love means not to loose,
it doesn't know "I" or "YOU"
S: Surrendering oneself doesn’t mean loosing but to celebrate the charm of togetherness. Both “I” and “You” needs to be surrendered to make a meaningful word “WE”. Before, You & I were incomplete but the surrender only had made a complete word. Since, Love is not about asking but about giving, so I can only fulfill my part, by saying that I offer you my slavery (surrender), I just can’t speak about his say. I simply can do my bit. Here, even if you take the literal meaning of the word “loose” as loosing, then also it is benefiting me only, as I am loosing my “I” and gaining “WE”.

K: Love asks not,
Love demands none..
It only feels the presence,
it only bathes in the Sun....
S: Even a singular entity like Sun is made up of multiple entities (rays). White light is a mixture of colors and even in merging form it holds and enjoys the power of individual characteristic. So, even if you say that “the stream merges in ocean....but no more it remains fresh & sweet, no more it experiences its own motion....” doesn’t seem to hold a realistic meaning. It has got its own motion, the only difference is world might not be able to see and realize it but the stream itself knows the worth of its proposition in ocean.

K: To loose oneself in love,
is to mean subtraction..
S: Love and Life can never be measured on the scale of mathematics.
Multiplication, subtraction, addition rule doesn’t imply here. Here 1+1 neither makes 2 nor 11 but itself remain “1” in an intact and undetectable form.

K: Let there be no compromise,
for true love believes in it not...
S: Voluntarily giving up (like Meera bai surrendered to lord Krishna) or a wishful gift cannot be taken as a compromise.

It’s a token of love, a sense of expression, a beauty of relationship. Whatever I am doing out of my true feel cannot be taken as a compromise. My devotion towards my love should not be challenged as a compromise.

Kush: Unconditional giving comes & is successful only when both think the same way...I am not sure in your original blog if you meant that. Now lets begin from last...I knew from your words and thought process that Meera Bai is somewhere behind it. Tell me what love is that which can't bring 2 people together, Meera never stayed with Krishna and in a way betrayed her husband by not being loyal to him either from mind and soul....If love is all about the stream joining ocean, then I don't see our Meeraba or even Radha to get married and stay happily with Krishna, did they?? Now you might say, its all about feelings and the heart, but both of them still remained far. Its like a lake of Himalayas wishing to join Arabian sea, yet not leaving the mountains.
A person's true feeling and love is admired; but then think once, will that person truly be satisfied with it in his/her whole life. Can you possibly give every bit of yours to someone without expecting anything back ?? Then if tomorrow the other denies his/her love, will you still continue to love him/her without once feeling angry, sad or betrayed. If one can do that, then that is "true, unconditional love"...but 21st century sees no one like this.

Maintain your dignity,
keep to yourself your feel..
Only when you know the other,
then you open your seal....

Love's meaning is lost,
people think their own..
but universal love is that,
which by nature has been shown....

Blame you cannot,
nor be angry or sad..
You have to unconditionally obey,
even if the other is bad....

There still has been no example,
where true love has won..
No compromise-no separation,
where completeness has been shown....

I rest my case to you,
tell me if you know one..
And happy I shall be as much,
for my seal then can be undone....

Shweta : Woo nice poem and a nice reply also.
Let me start by taking as a scratch a sentence written by you only “Tell me what love is that which can't bring 2 people together, Meera never stayed with Krishna and in a way betrayed her husband by not being loyal to him either from mind and soul”. Well, Meera never betrayed her husband. She performed all the duties as a wife. Moreover, Rana ji (husband) always had a soft corner for meera, he always liked her and was aware of meera’s affection towards Krishna and if he knew about the feeling before the marriage we can’t call it as a betrayal.

“If love is all about the stream joining ocean, then I don't see our Meeraba or even Radha to get married and stay happily with Krishna, did they??” I find it difficult to agree on the point that love should end in “milan” though nothing better can ever happen if 2 love birds meet for forever. In simple terms, before stepping the stairs of love no one in advance knows about the destiny...the best they can do is just their what if a stream desires to flow in heaven and not on earth...atleast she had guts to dream impossible and tried her best to make it possible. And its not always like.... that great Lovers are never meant to meet finally...history shows some exceptional cases as well.....why we tend to forget about Lord Shiva and Parvati......Paravati as a reward of her penance got shiva and penance is nothing but her efforts which finally paid her. Yeah, I definitely agree, that one will surely feel depressed if his/her hard efforts and true feelings are not paid in the end....but I guess Life is like this always get through your not always mandatory....the worst and questionable part of destiny!!

“Can you possibly give every bit of yours to someone without expecting anything back?? Then if tomorrow the other denies his/her love, will you still continue to love him/her without once feeling angry, sad or betrayed.” A very practical statement written by you.....but again I have something to add up. I have no idea if you have ever gone to village or have witnessed any family where a female loves her husband even if he doesn’t care about her. Husband is really cruel; he speaks shit and has nonsense activities....still she lives her life with that person not because she has any restriction but because her love for him is greater than mountains. She is ready to be with that person even in the worst condition just by knowing the fact that she is given with a chance to serve his love and to tell you.......this happens in 21st century of India.......and I am strictly against if someone calls them a mere fool.....guess, people who says so should go and check their virtue and their love power to stand for their feelings in times of adversity and at the complete loss-loss situation. Moreover, being sad, getting angry and cursing the love for his/her bad deeds or his bad response is very “humanatic”. If love is a part of human emotions then anger is also equally its part and who says that anger is out of hatred is out of love as well......can take the example of parents anger.....

Besides, when two people fall in love, you cannot ask or demand other for anything. Betrayal, condition should not be your foreplay and if other has done it to you then you just can’t do anything about it. But again, in this situation also, you should not deny your true feelings for least you truly loved him/ cannot guarantee about other the most you can just put up your sincere efforts to make him/her understand his/her can do just your own part......and doing one’s own part never means a compromise with “dignity”......please keep ego out of the relationship.........


I offered you my lifetime slavery. Let me bet, if you get a better or even an equivalent offer!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Living From Your Heart

Living from your heart gives you a happy life. Life is too short not to enjoy it. You can enjoy life if you let your heart shine and not bury it deep, deep, down until there is no feeling left. Nevertheless there is always a feeling there. All that has happened is it has just been pushed “underground” deep inside ourselves.

An open heart has two sides to it. Firstly you feel vulnerable because you are so open. This vulnerability makes us scared because we have been hurt so many times in the past. But it is this vulnerability that gives us the softness, the GODDESS ENERGY, that all males and females have inside of us and allow us to express it into our lives. Secondly an open heart brings many gifts into our lives because we are in touch with our feelings. We are connected to who we are, our passions, lifestyle choices, sense of joy, and enjoyment of life. It means we are more true to who we are as people.

Children have such an open heart. We all did when we were children. See how much fun children have? They show true joy. Children have not closed down the heart center yet so they enjoy the moment and feel satisfied and fulfilled. But we can too. We just need to connect to our higher self.

We can nurture ourselves as adults. We can treat ourselves well and bring joy into our lives. Our dreams can still come true. Our dreams come from our own heart center, not from the heart center of someone else. Only you can be in touch with you. It doesn’t mean others do not love you. They do. But they cannot feel what you feel. Allow yourself to love yourself.

The heart center of us all has it own intelligence. There is an intelligence of the heart that doesn’t get much publicity these days. The consciousness of people is changing as more and more people are becoming aware. The heart knows what makes us happy. Not the intellect. The intellect is not the feeling center of a person. The intellect is very useful, and can be applied to many things, do not get me wrong. But it needs to be in balance with the wisdom and intelligence of our heart center. There is yin, and there is yang in life. There is female energy, and there is male energy. There is the heart center, and there is the intellectual center. The key to great living is to have balance.

People who feel happy are in touch with their hearts. If we are out of touch we can find our way back to our feeling center.

Note: I found it as an interesting topic to share with you all. I got this post while surfing on net.


In Mahabharata, when the five Pandavas were living in the forest, four of them had fallen unconscious after drinking the water from the enchanted lake. The water was guarded by a Yamraj in the form of a heron who had asked the brothers to answer his questions before drinking. Yudhisthira, the eldest brother and the wisest known person on earth, came in search of his brothers and discover them lying dead on the sea shore. He then comes to know that his brothers life was taken by Yamraj who forwarded them a condition that they will be allowed to drink water if they correctly answers all his questions, but alas all the guys failed and Yamraj took their lives. So now, if the eldest brother can answer all the questions, he will be given with a chance to drink water as well as his brothers will be granted again with their lives. So, the questions were:

Q: “What is heavier than Earth?”
A: “A mother’s love”, replied Yudhisthira.
Q: “By what does one become wise?”
A: “By serving one’s elders.”
Q: “What are the tidings of this world?”
A: “The world is like a cooking pot with the sun as its fire, days and nights as its fuel and months and seasons as its wooden spoon. All of us are being cooked by time.”
Q: “What is the most wonderful thing?”
A: “The most wonderful thing is that although everyday innumerable humans and their animals go to the abode of death, still a man thinks he is immortal.”
Q: “What makes the soul rise out of matter?”
A: “It is knowledge of the Supreme Lord which makes the soul rise.” Pleased by these answers, the spirit then revealed himself to be Yamaraj, none other than the father of Yudhisthira.

Well, I really liked the story from Mahabharata and was fascinated by the thought that if I would have been at the place of Yudhisthira, then what my answers would in order to satisfy my fancy imagination and to make myself feel intelligent, I just tried to answer few terms, taken and chosen from our daily adventures…….I was simply wondering, if we all, really follow and mean the stated terms in their natural sense…without alteration

So here goes the List

Act: What we think, feel and speak is supposed to be translated into action…but most of the times we fail in maintaining the quality of translation……so what comes out as a final action is not the real act but the “DRAMA”

Dharma: righteous and justified act

Destiny: course predetermined by the stars, your own efforts and intention decides your destiny, a new way or different angle taken to perceive the situation.......sorry I could not finalize out of the three definition as in my case all the three has proven equally

Freedom: to perform without any restriction… what in your view is right and leaves you intensely happy

Friends: beautiful and dignified creatures who make our lives easy and decorate it with their charming presence

God: A very simple and sober definition……positive energy, one’s own spirit

Goodness: it can never ever harm others

Hope: It’s a sanjeevani booti which can cure any and every illness

Life: an ocean, holding gems, mysteries, cyclones, depth……you can find them but need to dig out……. Besides, with a very prominent crest of happiness and trough of miseries

Need: is the urge

Promise: in ideal condition it is supposed to be lived….but now it is used as a support in projecting one’s image by delivering kind words and thus making he/she sound as a strong character

Pain: a state of mind.....definitely in which YOU made me Slipped

Struggle: has got the capability to transform you into a better individual and allows you to learn the lessons to value your aimed assets. It simply adds meaning to your Life

Strength: a small, beautiful, multi colored butterfly that is sitting and has got stacked on a leaf, is able to withstand the storm and manage its contact with the leaf…………the same storm….. that blew and uprooted the same tree but could not dissolve the contact of the mere thin butterfly

Time: one attribute, about which we can never be sure about or can never claim to run on our wish or command forever…….when in our favor, time may make us powerful and tactful enough to crown us and thus to handle the authority to pass on the judgment to the imprisoned deer………..or…or…..may be another time cruel enough to transform us in an imprisoned deer…….therefore, we should never be proud of our good time….always try and do justice with ourselves and to our surroundings.......should try to be extra cautious with our deeds both in good/bad earth is round...we will definitely reap what we have sowed in good/bad times....should never be overconfident on our assets, authority, deserving.....we won't be given with the last warning also.... before the departure of our proud owing.....and all because time has changed and now it is no more kind on us....

Wise: one who can manage balance in attitude, thought, speech, action and is able to reciprocate impartially at the confusing times and courageously in bad phases of state of affairs. The one who seeks for the solution, one who never gets carried away with the false suggestions, one who can make out the difference between the right and the wrong

Words: a term believed to be understood before speaking so that one can express the status of his/her feelings………….cross check it once more…. do we really use it to explain the true state………..if I take an example.... we see people very oftenly using either of these 8 letter words (I Love You, I Need You, I Miss You, I am Sorry) ….but the irony is most of the times we do it without meaning it…..just to fulfill the demand of the situation, of the relationship and of the opposite sex. Guess, your partner/friend/family will truly appreciate……. if you sincerely mean it…no need to hop and say before you actually feel…….it can be misleading man!!!.....and if intention is to mislead only……umm....then I don't have anything to say...please carry on with your job of hurting people!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Q: What if a man wants a child but not a woman?
A: It’s not that you don’t want a woman, but you want a first class woman. And to get a first class woman you have to be a first class man.

..........n I know that I am a first class woman :-)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"dhai akshar prem ka"

Note: A very good friend of mine witnessed this incident. Few days back only, he briefed me about his experience. I liked the hidden emotions so much that thought of sharing his perception about Love with everyone.

What love is …Don't know and sometime I don’t want to know? I always wonder why people always fall in love in spite climbing in love. These all questions always pooled my mind whenever I used to check out couples, roaming together with hands in hands; maybe I always lacked Love hormones so never got a high bumps...... but actually I never cared about this subject “LOVEOLOGY”, .....I was happy with my single dome, after all this is my entity. However, one day I came across an incident, and after it I emerged as an individual with different perspective.

During my college days, I used to travel to my hometown via bus, that day I suddenly decided to go to my hometown. Therefore, I called up my friend to drop me to the nearby bus stand. I reached there and bought a ticket. It was like; around half an hour was left for the bus to move. So, I took the seat on common bench where already a Pretty girl was sitting. She was typing a message on her mobile to someone. The very first thought which came to my mind was, without these stupid mobiles what these girls would have been doing? How they would have carried their affairs so efficiently? At that time, I had no cell phone as I had never come across the need of it, even today, I don’t use my cell phone much. Therefore, as I was sharing that common bench with that pretty girl and I had nothing to do, I started peeping in her cell phone. I know this is a real bad habit, but it’s ok! We just can’t stay idealistic at all the time. Ohh!! But I noticed a different scene happening with her. She was continuously writing down the messages but was not getting any message in response from the other side. She typed almost 50 messages to the person on other side of the mobile without getting a single answer. Well, I know this in so much of detail because not even for a single time I heard the SMS tone or the vibration of her mobile. I was genuinely thinking about the cruelty factor of the person who did not bother to answer even for a single time.

As I said before also, I never had any Love experience and never wanted to get involve in this crazy stuff but being an educated human and through my other relationships I at least know this fact that you cannot predict or dictate how a relationship ends but you can certainly choose to let go of it with dignity. Try and give your relationship a closure. It is important to talk as well as to listen, to discuss and together try to understand rationally and without emotion what went wrong. Almost always when a relationship ends, one person tends to shed it faster, while the other wades through the pain and grief of parting. How you respond depends on your personality type and state of dependence on your partner and on your sensitivity level. It can also be impacted by the manner in which the parting happened. Did one unexpectedly walk out of the relationship while the other was unprepared? Or, was it a slow and helpless falling out of love on both sides? Did one cheat or hurt the other in any way? Was there respect in the relationship? Please now do not blame me that if I am out of this Love mania then how come I know the departure situation in so much of details. Well, if you check out the situation, holding a deep down thought, you will notice that Affair situation is no different than the other relationship situation. Every relationship demands the same sincerity and understanding level. In my view, you should always behave the way in which you would like to be treated by the other person. Always ask, would you be able to grasp it effectively if the other person has responded to you in the same way. First keep yourself in other’s shoes and then decide your act. If handled carefully on both sides, parting though still painful, can at least cease to be a lifelong trauma. And for this both the parties should behave properly and elegantly. Without answering, walking out of the relation leaves behind an array of questions pointing out towards the personality and character of the walker. If the relation can start at a good note than it can also end at a good note. By showing your abrupt behaviors please do not abuse your own relationship. World is full of opportunities but it is the sincere feelings of the person himself which bounds him/her back to not to go and check for other options as those who take or see partners as an opportunity and thus rank them on the scale of average, good and bad (by comparing with others) are supposed to be called as ...........please fill in the blank as per your perception. I am not doing it because criticizing and abusing someone is the easiest thing on this planet and I am not meant to do easy stuff :-) and moreover please do not do it until you are very sure of the situation of the other person and here I am not sure of the person's situation so I am leaving it as an open end. I understand that there are certain situations which demands us to shed our true and honest behavior but again I will stick to the point that walking out of the situation silently can never be counted as a descent strategy to end up a relationship. Hence, I felt bad when the girl did not receive a single answer of her so called 50 messages.

Don’t know why, but I was under stress after checking out her grievous condition. I moved out from the Bus and lighted up one cigarette and started giving thoughts on her. I was trying to figure out the reason of her sadness......why she was so sad…what has happened to her as normally girls don’t travel in late evening buses...... why she has planned to take up an unsafe journey…or might be because of some urgency she is traveling........ with every puff a new thought was taking birth in my mind. I finished my cigarette and moved back inside the bus. I looked for my seat and gave her a friendly look but in return I got a blank response.

It was really sad to see tears in such beautiful eyes.....well not only me all the guys would have said the same thing :-)...... I decided to take some other seat as I could feel that she was not going to be comfortable with anyone but the bus was full and I had to sit next to her. She kept on playing with her cell phone with anxiety. She was reading each and every SMS that she had in her mobile and the amazing thing was that all those SMS’s were from one person named ”Raj”. With each SMS, she looked sadder; her tears rested at her eyelashes. However, she kept on reading those SMS’s. Her head was down and her eyes were on mobile and soon bus started moving and with that, her tears too. I was totally astonished that why is she crying for someone who really don’t care about her. Has she gone insane? However, one thing was true, that she was in love with him, not only in love with him but in deep love with him. I easily understood that a terrible breakup had happened and she was not in a situation to hold on. I kept on asking myself how a person can love someone to this extent. How a month old or a year old relationship can be so strong that you can’t stand without it. As I had never been in such relationship, so it was impossible for me to understand her feeling but one thing was for sure I was feeling bad for her.

After moving out of my thoughts, I found her looking out from the window. The breeze was touching the marks of the tears on her chubby cheeks. I could very well perceive that she had lot more things to say but unfortunately she had no one at that time to share her grief. I undoubtedly wanted to talk to her, but didn’t dare to disturb.

She again took her mobile and started reading old SMS’s from Raj and with every SMS she was getting more pathetic. Finally she started sobbing and unknowingly she laid her head on my shoulder, I knew it very well, that it was her unconsciousness. Finally she fell asleep on my shoulder and I too jammed my shoulder bone to make her feel rest. She was sleeping and my mind was occupied with only one word “HOW”. How a girl can be so badly in love with a guy and to tell you she was very beautiful, I can bet, there must be a long queue of her admirers :-). How one can love to such an extent that he/she can’t hold on without the other? There were so many “HOW’s” and “WHY’s” running in my head. Meanwhile, I have no idea how, but suddenly, a sacred love tale zoomed in my mind, the saga of “Meera Bai” that how she was madly in love with “Krishna”. A love with no desire, a love with no demand, a love with no limits, a love with no cause, a love with no Age. Was it the same love? I didn’t know, but one thing I knew, that I was never ever been able to love someone like this. That day I felt that not every person is born with the Feeling of True LOVE, only few people in this World are rewarded with this beautiful feeling. Not everyone holds the courage to stand up and stick to his/her true feelings. Not everyone has the guts to tap on his/her nerves again and again without the support of community. Not everyone has the bravery to speak and to take a stand for his/her love in front of the social norms.

Well, finally, the bus reached my destination and with jerk of the breaks, she woke up and felt sorry for her code of conduct.

I replied, “’s OK.... in fact I wanted to thank you, thank you for helping me out to understand the virtue which I was unaware of”

She asked, “And What is that virtue?”

In reply I gave my pleasing smile and walked away. She kept on looking at me till I got disappeared in the darkness of night. That night, I witnessed the real charm of the human emotions.

It was new beginning for me, it was not exactly night but was real morning in my life …I figured out what true love is?

It is not always between a man and Woman, it is always between hearts. Always keep your heart Open for LOVE because you never know when it will capture you. Also, they are big time fools who fail to understand and realize the true love in the person's eyes who love them deeply. The only thing I can say to those unfortunate gentry is: you were born lucky as you got a chance to receive an unconditional love but you killed your luck yourself by missing it. Please go and have fun with the materialistic wealth and with the fake society, in long run you yourself will witness your LOSS but then it would be too too late to undo the error.

Kabir has rightly said
'pothi padh padh jag muwa pandit bhaya na koy, dhai akshar prem ka padhe so pandit hoy'


Note: My friend Sharad wrote it.

Raah pakad li hai, to fir door talak jaiyega,
bas Tinako ke chakkar me ,aashiyaan na bhool jaiyega.

Jindagi har Kadam pe daga deti hai , aisa kahte hai,
Par agar jindagi hi na hogi , to dhoka kaise khaiyega.

Kawayad hai, yahan har pal, kisi ka sath pane ki,
Par yaad rakhiye, sath mera tab na paiyega,

Koi rushwa kare ,to kya gam hai mere dost,
Yaado ka woh manjar, pass mere chhod jaiyega,

Is dil me bhi hai kai jakm, jo ab soookh chuke hai,
Galti se bhi unko, aap na kured jaiyega.

Monday, December 21, 2009

.....a piece of advice

During my trip to Shirdi, Nasik, I happened to meet a Spiritual Guru in the waiting lounge of Pune Airport. She was going to Nagpur and we both were destined to board the same flight. In lounge, I was busy in eating non stop and therefore, after every 10 minutes I was paying visit to the food stall. In series, I first had sandwich, then I bought chocolate box and after that I went to buy famous namkeen of Pune. She kept on noticing my to and fro visits from my seat to the food stall. I donno why but she found herself irresistible to enquire if I am very much fond of food and how do I manage the fat. I answered with a big smile on my face “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside”

“Ohh so you are on your way to success” she replied to me with the same enthusiasm and a tricky naughty smile

“At least in my eyes, I am trying hard” I threw at her with the same smirk and witty laughing curve.

“May I know the name of this college going girl who is actually very fond of food” she asked

“Yes definitely, and to tell you; you made my day, by calling me a college going girl. I am Shweta and I from Gurgaon.” I introduced myself.

“Great Shweta, you really look much younger to your actual age. Well, I am Kripa from Pune” she also introduced herself.

“Are you in job Mrs. Kripa” I enquired

“I practice spiritualism and I have a small center in Pune where I teach and preach it.” She said

“O wow! I have a great interest in it and I have just started reading articles on it and with my very little understanding of the subject I have tried to post few things on my blog.” I advertised my blog this way.

And then we had a long discussion on spiritualism and to make you people aware, she was very much impressed with my view points :-)

Definitely I too was carried away with her charming and elegant personality. Her motherly figure and simplicity in her eyes drew my attention. That is another core fact that one should not make a judgmental statement about a person in a day but still I can’t deny her facial calmness and her delightful ways of expression. Besides, I got amazed to know that she meditates 8 hours a day…..pretty long time man!! Guess...she must have turned into half Buddha....hehehe...jokes apart.... . Soothing, sincere rays of her reinsurance, displayed the effects of a stagnant water stream and thus gave me a sense of developing and cultivating the balance in my life also.

That day our flight was a bit delayed, so got a plenty of time for the chit chat. I usually never talk to any stranger while traveling, I most of the times stay self composed and reserved, but the attraction of her persona made me to break my self proclaimed rules.

And then the time came for the departure of the two strangers.

While saying a final goodbye, I asked if she wish to say something to me.....may be a piece of advice.....

“Ohh yes, I have something in my storehouse to tell a pretty girl” Kripa said

She then firstly asked me to concentrate on “Ohm” just for 5 minutes while going to sleep with a jolly comment that after doing it, people will start asking me about the name of my school :-)

And the second precious advice that she gave me was that the energy possessed by an individual, has got the unexplored and unbelievable powers. Always believe that good and noble thoughts have the power to direct energy—the underlying dynamo shaping your future, your own world. The Secret Method of Inviting Blessings and the Spiritual Medicine of Many Illnesses are to chant the following daily:
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

I have not yet transformed myself completely in the above mentioned followings.Hence,I cannot illustrate the advantages behind the laid idea and about the magical wonders bestowed on us by enchanting these herbal words and thoughts. But definitely I can say, the preached sentences point out towards making a “GOOD YOU” and the journey to Shirdi indirectly sowed a seed in me to at least ponder on knowing the self, as it is very truly stated that “Wise is one who knows the self”

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Whom to Blame

Many a times
Life is hard,
difficulties gross
not easy to sustain.

No one understands
no one cares,
loneliness overpowers
with miseries infinite.

All efforts made
to do good to others
and actions of love
bring hatred in return.

The burden of life
seems so heavy,
feet get tired
and path too lengthy.

The mind gets puzzled
questions overflow
all this load,
how long to endure?

Why such things
happen to me?
Why this suffering
for me alone?

Who is responsible
for this game?
Whom should I ask?
Whom should I blame?

When I go deep
I understand and feel,
it is me and only me
to be questioned and blamed.

It was me,
who gave the blueprint
to God,
to carve my path.

It was me
who chose my circumstances,
my relations, friends
and this life.

Why do I cry?
Why does my heart become heavy?
Why do tears
roll down my cheeks?

I am solely responsible
for choosing this route.
This unending path
of attachments and desires.

The path of miseries,
love and hate,
happiness and sorrow,
lust and greed.

I questioned myself
I want fortune & fame
Is this our actual aim?
I want fun & want to play
Is that the reason we get another day?

I read the religion
I read the spiritualism 
to understand the meaning of the happenings
I tried my best
To understand what life is?
And what it wants?

Aah!! I am confused
I am stressed
Life seems to be generous
for so many
but at the same time
it acts so harshly with many

Our soul wants us to be free
Just like a bee
But I did a fault
By always following
The path of truth

Let me once again hope
That one day I will
Make out the difference between
The eternal and the ephemeral.

Note: Inspired from a poem written in Heritage of Shirdi Sai.......beech beech main maine bhi apna bahut saara add on karke life ke liye apni khundak nikaal lee :-)

Chaandi ke Gole

Ingredients: Bread, Milk, Milkmaid, Cream (malai), Fruits (apple, grapes, orange), dry fruits

Time: 20 mins

Mixture Preparation- Mix 1 small can of milkmaid with 1 bowl full of cream (malai) and 1 bowl of cold milk.

Cut the fruits into very very very small pieces.

Soak the bread in cold milk and remove the outer linning of the bread. After a minute, take out the bread and stuff it with the cut fruits and make a ball of it.

Now dip the ball in the mixture and keep the dish in freezer.

After 15 mins take the dish out of the freezer and garnish it with dry fruits.

So, ready to eat. Serve it to your mouth watering tongue and help youself .:-)

Note: I tried the dish this Sunday and to tell you it proved out to be the yummiest thing on earth....Man I loved it!!.......

Thursday, December 17, 2009


   Science is below the mind
Spirituality is beyond the mind.
Self Confidence is the Foundation,
Self Satisfaction is the Will,
Self Sacrifice is the Roof,
Self Realization is Life itself...

Happiness is Awareness.

Learn to speak what you feel, and act what you speak.

The end of wisdom is freedom.
The end of culture is perfection.
The end of knowledge is love.
The end of education is character.

What is our duty? To behave properly. That is enough.

Distinguish right from wrong and be honest, upright and virtuous.

The minimum qualification for Grace is surrender of ego.
Avoid pomp, exhibition, and boasting.
Be simple, sincere and sweet.
A Pure Thought from a Pure Heart is better than a Mantra.

   I wonder how many of us follow how many of them....:-)


Today is day of Baba (Shri Sai Baba).

You Prayed for Something Good, I Overheard it, Be Praying, Don't Stop, Until you get the Boon

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sri Shirdi Sai Babaa

Note: Something really great happened with me few days back. I am so much happy and feel blessed that could not resist myself in sharing the happiness.

“The sky is overcast, but it will rain, bringing forth the harvest and the clouds will all melt away. Why be afraid?”

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quote of the Millenium

“Marry me and I'll never look at another horse!

In long run, Horses can be given preference over dogs.......and now plz don't ask me the two categories of men.... :-)

A Patent Analysts Thoughts

  • The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper

  • To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk

  • Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought

  • Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Being Alive!!

Life is not just 'coz one is able to breathe & the heart pumps the blood... Love that occupies the mind and heart matters... what u notice around... the choices you make... the effort you put... the pursuit...that's what decides... if u r alive...

This love just didn't happened to you... u longed for it and worked for it..., just don't leave it in middle to be alive...

No matter you got him/her or not just don't say it Fake to be alive........

Situations turned behaved abruptly....just don't ignore your weak and unconcerned attitude just to make yourself feel that I am still ALIVE....actually you are not!! true to your self and do not try to camouflage your emotions in order to be alive....

God wanted this love to happen to you... he wanted you to be someone special in ur own eyes..., just don't deny your feelings in the end to be alive...

Bad times and u stood by a cause n did something, not for urself...whatever u said before was not vague and dishonest...u meant every single word.....and u stood by it now also...... the guy within u is proud...
you promised someone... who u see no more... u stick to the stood for the listened to your heart and courageously & unconditionaly followed it.......
yeah u r alive...

Source: Inspired from a Friend's Blog. I liked the Idea and developed it further.

My Word

Dont ever rush for falling in luv coz luv never runs out nor dies...and for the emotional people it is many a times the biggest mistake ever enjoy your Singledom......if sum1 asks y r u single ?tel them proudly "God's busy writing d best luv story".

Friday, December 11, 2009

Arz Kiya Hai

Bhavanao ke samandar main, gote lagane ke liye galib hone ki jaroorat nahi hoti.
Dil par dastak dene wali aawaj ko hamesha, shabdo ki joorat nahi hoti
Sirf naadaan ko baar baar samjhana padta hai aye dost
Warna pyaar karne walo ko, jamaane ki naseehat ki jaroorat nahi hoti
Hum to tabaah ho gaye unke daastane ishq main aye shayar
Warna mohabbat karne walo ki, humain bhi, kabhi kami nahi hoti
Jaadu unke suroor ka tha kuch aisa bikhra aye mere maalik
Warna jindagee bitaane ke liye, humain bhi, unki jaroorat nahi hoti

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ek Dil

Dil aaj shayar hai, Keh lene do isko mann ki ye baat 
Poori karne do isko ye hakikat, bhale hi ho ye khayalat

Jaante hai ki iss samay bebas hai ye, utaarne do isko ye laachari iss gazal main
Kya bataye aapko, ki bichda tha ye, aise hee kisi nazam main
Shayad isi ka afsos hai, iske tan badan main

Hua tha kuch aisa iske saath, jo naa hona tha bas wahee kaha, jo saha isne din raat
par himmat naa haari isne, aur kehta gaya apne mann ki  baat
Khafa tha ye iss jindagaani se, fir bhi sunaata raha apni kahani ki har paat

Paagal hai naadan hai ye, aaj bhi karta hai unka intezaar
Kehta hai ke kisne jaana, ho unka deedar, umeed ke uss mod ke paar
Himmat to dekho, kehta hai, bichadne ko hum maja nahi kehte, haan par bichadke milne ko hum afwaah bhi nahi kehte

Abb kya kahe, tanha tanha maara firta hai ye
Bolta mujhse, ise nahi pata ki, iss gile ka kya hai antt
Dekho koi zara, aao koi madat ko, aur sunaao unko ye vratant

Samazh nahi aata hai ise, ki unko, bole patthardil ya mom ki tasveer
Ghamand to dekho zara iska, kehta hai –yahi hai meri taqdeer
Bechara gum sum sa baitha hai, aaj bhi issi bhaav main
Gar milna likha hai kismat main, to aayenge woh, khud se hee wapas isi gaaon main

Mujhe nahi pata ki kya hai iski taqdeer,
Bas itani see chahat hai, ki hai jo bhi koi samjho jaldi iski takleef
Ise nahi pata, ki kab tak ye kar paayega unka intezaar
Kahin aisa naa ho, ki reh jaaye woh aur ye malte hue haath
hota hai sirf khusnaseebo ko sacche pyaar ka ehsaas
jo naa samjha iss baat ko, tadapta reh gaya wahee iss nagme ke bhi baad

Shweta Courier Service

An Authenticated Service to post your Emotions to your Loved Ones.
 Underlying Message: Pass your greetings to your friends and special friends :-) . Let them know about your true feelings. Best will be to declare it OPENLY. If yet not done, do it this New Year. Please DO it yourself else ask me to convey. :-)

Note: I (Shweta) will act only as the middle point (messenger) and not the end point of your emotional message..........  hehehe

An Appeal

Stand up for what is right and make your contribution in building up a better society.

Please help Child Rights and You (CRY) by donating your precious time and money.

The minimum amount which you can donate is Rs.100. I strictly believe it won’t make a difference to your pocket but definitely to them. Besides, you can help them on monthly or annual basis. Also, one time donation is acceptable.

Help underprivileged children to lead a good life. You never know your small contribution might have the power to buy basic necessities for these kids and by ignoring this advertisement for cause; you might be missing a beautiful opportunity to improve the curve of a cheeky peeky rooky creeky ticky mickey smile.

For details kindly visit
or give me your cell numbers, I will pass it to the organization’s representative.

Love to all those Humans in whom Humanity is Left.

Thanks in Advance.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Day Today

Hurray......Good News.... my balanced salary got cleared with this month's salary. Therefore, I treated my tongue with Fruit & Nut chocolate, Mushroom sandwich, Ferro chocolate and a Samosa. Further, in evening, I am looking forward to have Pasta. Aah, I love to pamper my only active body part i.e. my taste buds.

3 Cheers to Food & also to my HR!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Cell

Like every other person, I too had a desire of keeping a brand new sexy mobile in my Jean’s pocket. During my college days, many a times, I got a chance also to owe status driven belongings. Well, many a times, because I used to be a real bad person at handling sophisticated and classy materials and because of my this ill habit I misplaced my three cells in series and to tell you all of them were real costly one and I owed them when none in my gang had a mobile of half of its price.

But you know I am a very cognizant person, immediately I realized my falsies. My conscious stood up and re-corrected me “Pitaji ke paise pe bahut aish kar lee par ye galtee apne paiso se mat karna” and I followed the say. It was 2008, when I got through my first job and I went to market to buy a mobile. I have no idea why the shopkeeper, after checking me out, decided to display all the newly launched happening mobiles with an emphasis on the pixels and picture quality of the camera. After having being realized his wrong approach to deal a customer like me I interrupted in between “bhaiya, ye mehnga mobile nahi chahiye, already bahut saare hai mere paas, mujhe koi local sa mobile chhaiye jo ki girne se bhi toote nahi.” I partially lied to him to maintain my status in front of him.

So this way I finally chose the Motorola’s set, a 2 cm black donned brick kind of mobile, among all the cheap versions of available mobile sets.

Guess, it was the curse from the souls of my all three lost mobiles that I was fortuned to hear and avail a lot of disrespect and commentary from the people for my new cell.

Aaaaa again due to my gripping style, in few months only the original structure and shape of the cell got completely changed and deformed.

So, instead of buying a new hand set, I thought of rediscovering and doing the make over of existing Motorola’ set. For that I went to Mobile gallery lane. It’s a very famous lane in the city, a queue of mobile cell repairs. “Bhaiya, iss mobile ka cover badal dijiye” I asked. “Madam, iss mobile ka cover change karke bhi ye accha nahi lagega and waise bhi inn type ke mobiles ka cover market main nahi milta hai” he sarcastically threw at me. Huh, seriously, there is no worth of less valued belongings in our society.

Well, I just took my mobile from the shopkeeper and told him in a very commentating way “theek hai bhaiya, waise companies ko inn type ke mobiles ke liye bhi sochna chhaiye and inke covers bhi launch karne chhaiye, unka hee market capture badhega, unka khud ka hee fayeda hai” I almost tried to talk like a strategist of a business research unit of a big mobile company.

Hmm well well, Insult did not restrict itself till here. I had lost three mobiles so a minimum of three insults each corresponding to one cell was marked on my fortune lines.

Therefore, that day in my office, I went to guard to enquire “bhaiya ye ek black colour ka motorola ka set main galtee se yahee chod gayee thee aapne dekha hai kya use”. “Haanji madam yahee pada hai reception pe pichle 1.5 hrs se but kisi ne uthane ya churane ki bhi takleef nahi ki, waise isko aap railway station pe chod ke aate and 2 din baad dekhte tab bhi wahee pada hua milta” he said it in a very funny way. That’s a different case that I didn’t take it that lightly and left the reception without uttering.

“Ohh these small small issues are with just ignore it” I told myself.

But yesterday my patience and love for my mobile completely got finished.
Toll of my insult rate reached to its maximum grade when I went to shop an ear phone for my cell. “Bhaiya ye originol wala ear phone mat dijiyega ye sasta wala hee chhaiye.” “Madam chinta mat kijiye iss mobile ki halat dekh ke aapko main waise bhi originol wala nhi de raha tha ” he cunningly said.

This is heights yaar!! Now enough is enough, I have decided to buy a new classy, elegant, sleek, modern, happening and eye catchy hand set with my next salary.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pixy & The Witch-----Part III


“O Dear God.....are you bird of paradise?” Pixy enacted with pleasure “but how you came to know that I need you?”

“Sweet Pixy, don’t you know that songs of praises of Lord are heard by every living and non living things of this Universe. You were praising God in your song....I listened to it and came for your help from the east pole of the earth”. Bird clarified.

“Thank you so much for coming down here. With your efforts I will now be able to release Imago.” Pixy confidently said

“Ohh certainly not, it’s not my effort that is going to pay but yours. You kept perseverance in your feelings and say at such difficult times. Besides, you proved to be a person with high values and with sound concepts for life as you were also thrown against the dilemma spelled on you by a clairvoyant, but through your wittiness and justifying acts you escaped the situation. Your self-belief took you out of it. The only thing which Imago lacked. Spells, magic, evil works only on those people who are internally weak, and who are not confident about their beliefs, to those whose belief’s and practices gets changed according to the situation. By saying it I don’t mean that Imago is not a good soul. Certainly he is, but this time he has proved himself a bit weak candidate and because of this only he got captured by the negativity of the surroundings.” Bird of paradise elaborated on her point of view.

“I feel you are right bird of paradise. But at the same time I feel that to correct our beloved in the confusing times is our duty. If I can see very well that the happenings are misleading for him and in haste he is going to make a wrong diagnosis of the circumstances and if I truly love him I should not step back.” Pixy took the side of Imago

“I understand and respect your love for Imago Little Pixy. I will help you out in your mission.” Bird of paradise offered her help.

“So, let’s go to Natty’s palace without wasting our time. I know the way. You along with Jessie simply follow my path. We have to reach there before evening as the witch’s power gets stronger in dark.” Bird of paradise ordered.

Within few hours they managed to reach to Natty’s palace. Bird of paradise knew a short route to the place.

“Jessie you stand here in the outskirt of palace and watch guard the gate; do let us know if some one mysterious comes near the palace. But before that, let me find out the positions of both Natty and Imago.” Bird of paradise chalked out the plan.

She then takes a fly and within few minutes, after doing research, bird of paradise comes back.

“They both are having a gala time in ball room. Uff, that witch is along with Imago. We need to separate them. Ummm.......ummm.....let me think what can be done.....umm.....ya.....Pixy you go and climb up the stairs and meanwhile I will try to distract Natty. Definitely, she would not allow a penetrating noise as a source of distraction during her fun time.” Bird of paradise cleverly devised the strategy.

So, everything took place as per the plan. Natty asks Imago to wait in the ball room so that some arrangement could be made to avoid irritating sound of the bird. She then leaves the ball room. Meanwhile, Pixy manages to reach to Imago.

After seeing Imago tears roll down in her eyes. She runs and hugs him.
“O Imago, you just can’t imagine how much I missed you” Pixy’s emotions broke down.

“What are you doing lady? Don’t you know that I am engaged with Princess Natty? Please go away” Imago replied and they started up with a long discussion over the matter.

Pixy- “If you love me, how can you marry Natty?”

Imago- “I am sorry but I never loved you. But yes, I always liked you.”

Pixy- “Does everything that happened between us is a fake?”

Imago- “At that point of time it held a meaning and at this point of time what I am doing holds a meaning.”

Pixy- “Don’t you realize that you are going to commit a mistake?”

Imago- “To find a better person is never a mistake”

Pixy- “You give preference to outer beauty and wealth only?”

Imago- “Beauty and wealth only works this season, inner and outer are just relative words and do not hold any weightage individually”

Pixy- “How you got so much changed, so emotionless?”

Imago- “I was like this only; you yourself are responsible for your perception.”

Pixy- “Ohh, after seeing you I just forgot that you are spell bound. That witch has tied mistletoe’s knot on your west.”

Imago- “No, I am not a fool who will come under such a stupid magic. I have no such knots on my body. I am willingly marrying her. And please you do not waste your time by following and persuading me. She is better than you in every aspect and moreover a month old love is not that deep also to do grief over it. Please take your own track and find some one else for you. Do not waste your life for me as it will harm you only. Both Natty and I are going to marry in a week time. Therefore, it will be better for you to choose a different path without giving yourself trouble.”

Pixy’s eyes got flooded with water after hearing the answers from Imago. She gets extremely shocked. Before she was under the influence that Prince Imago is spell bound but he wasn’t. He was saying each and every word in his full conscious.

Completely depressed Pixy leaves the room.

Imago- “O my sweet Pixy, I am sorry. I always wanted to marry you. I loved you. Your inner beauty is unmatchable and wealth of your knowledge is incomparable. My behaviour with you is taking my heart out. You just can’t imagine how bad I am feeling after seeing you in this situation. I am under so much of guilt that I am not even able to face you. But I am helpless. I am bound to cheat on you. That witch has poised my father with a potion. I have to do all this in order to save my father.”

“Imago, why didn’t you tell me about all this? After hearing from you and leaving the room, I decided to come back to say a final bye to you and thus overheard your speech. Don’t worry, we together will lift father-in-law out of the trouble.” Pixy strongly meant her words

“No Pixy, you do not know the real situation. You are simply not aware of the power and magic of Natty. You just leave the room before she comes.” Imago said

“My dear Imago just keep faith in Lord. Nothing worse will happen. We will definitely win the situation. Evil just can’t last long. Realize your own skills and arts by which we all are blessed with. Remember, an ant can win the battle against an elephant. Lord has never done injustice to any of the creature. It’s just that we need to realize and believe.” Pixy said

“Sweet Pixy, you are very innocent and is not aware of the real crooked world. Whatever you are saying looks good while reading in a book but this is life and not a book. In practical sessions meanings of words and goodness gets changed.” Imago tried to convince Pixy

“No you are taking it wrong Imago. If I am here in front of you, if I am able to convince the destiny to change its flow and if I am daring to give a tough fight to the uncontrolled situations, it is because of these bookish good teachings and virtues only. I was able to come across every hurdle because I never gave up against the odds. I was also tested by life at every turn and the only virtue which lifted me out of the troubles was that I never modified myself.” Pixy tried her best to convince Imago
She further added “We have our good deeds with us, we have Jessie and bird of paradise to help and above all we have universal energies with us who always favours goodness and justice.”

“Now hurry up, do not waste time standing and discussing, as any moment Natty will arrive. Let’s first go to the grassland and there we will devise the strategy to free the father” Pixy said

“Dear Pixy, I just can’t leave the palace else Natty will take revenge on my father.” Imago considered the situation

“Hmm, ok I will wait for you in grassland.....convey to Natty that you will be back in few hours as you are going to the neighbour town, to pick the special and precious gift, which you have ordered for her.” Pixy intelligently handled the crisis.
And they all left the palace except Imago.

“Pixy, I have come but rush I have only few hours in hand” Imago said

“Imago, do you know the exact place of imprisonment of father” Pixy asked

“He is not imprisoned. He is staying in his own palace and ruling the crown like before. He has his own freedom and nothing has changed except his attitude. The day, when we last saw each other it was after that only that I witnessed a huge change in him. After our meeting when I reached back to the palace he summoned me to his room. There, he ordered me to marry Natty on the grounds that time has come when he can charge for his parenthood. He asked me if I have to choose between him and you.” Imago briefed them about the exact past happening.

“But a day before he was ready for our marriage. Out of a sudden what happened to him” Pixy questioned

“Yes Pixy, same question I also threw at him during our conversation but he said it was his wrong decision.” Imago answered

“Further, in order to live up to my father’s expectations I decided to sacrifice my love. It was after few weeks only, that I realized that my father is under the influence of some magic. So, I devised a strategy of proving my love to Natty and thus to make her reveal the remedy of her witch skills.” Imago justified his act

“Yes, he is under some spell. Earlier we were going in wrong direction by thinking that Imago is under influence and witch has tied a wicked knot to him. But this is not the case. You say a change in attitude was observed in the King’s persona. It means, he has been poised with the crooked potion. The potion holds the power to empower and enhance negative and unlike thoughts in an individual. The only remedy to this wicked potion is arousing the conscious and positivity again inside the victim’s body.” Bird of paradise shared her knowledge.

“Let’s go and do the needful, we should not waste our time.” Pixy insisted

“No Pixy, you already have taken so much of pain, from now on I will take the charge of the situation. You and Jessie go and relax in your house, I will do the required. I know my father better than anyone. I will certainly help him out to move out of the bad circumstances.” Imago said

“Alright Imago, I respect your feelings towards your family and I completely agree that it’s you only who can convince your father and no one else. Meanwhile, I will pray for your success.” Pixy agreed

“It’s a perfect plan Imago and Pixy. You two do your respective jobs and I will do my. I would like to share that I am not only granted with power to open the cursed knot but to tie also. We just need to arrange for mistletoe bracelet and I will tie it to the witch itself. The only difference which will lie in her and our bracelet is of spell. The bracelet made by these witches is powered with evil whereas ours will hold Holy goodness. This way we will place a seed of good in her soul which might turn her into a good witch.” bird of paradise suggested

“Definitely, we will follow this plan only. Jessie can help us in finding the mistletoe plant. Her nose is strong enough to smell and find out the desired weed from the grassland. So, please you go with Jessie. May Lord help you in the Journey of Justice and Good” Pixy said

“Thanks a lot for all the good wishes Pixy, I feel lucky to be a part of this great act of Goodness. Well Pixy, I would like to suggest one more thing and would like to divert your focus on one capability which you possess i.e. precognitive dreams. You yourself know, that you at few times get signs of warnings and signs of major future events through your dreams in symbolic form, your dream in which a shadow was replaced by Imago’s image ended at the departure of lovers, why don’t you intentionally try to see the dream again and complete it as per your will. Why don’t you visualize that Imago’s father comes up and he agrees for your marriage and plays a major role in your reunion. May be I can be completely wrong by giving you this piece of advice and high chances are there that it might not work. But if you perceive it this way that through your dreams you connect yourself to the Universe, it is through dreams only that you communicate to the master that you desire a particular thing in your life and it is more like a prayer which is done in night in your unconscious state then it might make some sense to pursue a dream intentionally and following this way you will place your affirmations in front of the Supreme.” Bird of paradise said

“Sure, bird of paradise. I will follow your each and every say” Pixy confirmed

“Thank you Pixy for keeping my advice. Imago, if you do not mind, I would like to add to your strength. You are going to undo the spell made on your father. I know reminding him about his courageous acts is the answer to it but since magic has been done so you will need some extra help and for that take a mirror with you , of the height of your father and at each corner of the rectangular mirror, draw a symbol representing earth, water, air and fire, again which are the source of Life. It will definitely help you out.” bird of paradise uttered

“Hmm, ok bird of paradise. Let’s go then. Hope we all succeed in our tasks. Amen!” Imago said

Imago goes back to his father’s palace. He then asks servants to convey to his father to meet him in the library. He then places the mirror at the back side of the door.

King Bottlemouth comes to the library and enquires about the urgent meeting.

“Dear father, I have brought a gift for you on the auspicious occasion of my marriage with Natty. Please turn back and check out the gift, it is placed at the back side of the door.” Imago makes a request.
As Bottlemouth turns he sees his mirror image in the mirror.
“Father, look and realize your inner self. Remember, your deeds and acts of wisdom were so much respected among the public that people used to blindly follow your words. Your judgement knew no biasness. Your tales of kindness never got limited with the boundaries of wealth. Your knowledge for life was equivalent to the chapters depicted in total books of this library. You have ruled this kingdom with your supreme courage and daring heart. Your adventures of life always matched the intellect of a teacher. You always maintained a balance in religion and superstition. Your virtues were so high that no one ever dared to make use of your loop holes, no one was ever stronger to rule your mind and wisdom. Your view towards life was as broad as horizon. You were never narrow minded and never held a difference in the rich and poor. In your view inner beauty of a person was the only measurable quality, the attribute which cannot withstand any wealth and social symbol. You always understood the emotions and have always realized the pain of a miserable. You were never against love, in fact you always took active participation in reuniting two people who can live happily together and for this many a times you haven’t cared for society and religious boundaries. You never did a trade in relationships. You never made a hurt to anyone and were never involved in any act of injustice. Your heart is like a wax and cannot hold evil. I know and firmly believe that you are the best father of the world and the true King. Every time you helped people in one or the other way but this time you have to help yourself in pulling out your soul from the surroundings negativity. I am no one and can never be the one who can acknowledge your wisdom; I am simply asking you to give my father back. I am only asking you to give a re-thought to your decision of separating Pixy and me. I can never challenge your decision, I know, in any way you will do right for your son, your every step is for my betterment only and I do not realise or believe it but I know it. Therefore, I am not forcing you for anything, I just want you to re-evaluate the situation and I am confident enough that even one time re-evaluation by you is enough to make your present deeds coincide with the past decisions i.e. a justified and logical act. You very well know father that I have got a deep feeling for Pixy. We both love each other. Departing lovers will never solve a purpose in long run, as the wound of departure will stay with us throughout our lives and this way we won’t be able to do justice with our new partners. Love and relationship are certainly two facts of our lives which silently influence our thinking and our way to lead our life. I know time is the biggest healer and after some time I won’t remember the past hurt but a sense of regret will stay with me till my last breath. I have said everything to you; rest is in your hands. Whatever I have said it points to only one thing that I need my father back. I want him to recover out of the spell.” Imago completed his speech.

Finally, the New Year eve was celebrated together by Imago, Pixy, Bottlemouth, Jessie and bird of paradise. They open heartedly welcomed the new year with Love, Luck and Life.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pixy & The Witch---Part II


.............Pixy starts making her efforts. To make a start is important. At the very first you just can’t see the doors of heaven, you have to walk thousands of miles before and surely till then nothing is visible, it is only after many walks you realize and start seeing the end point. And for this you have to make a start. Pixy have to start doing her efforts without wasting her time as she has got only limited time, till the end of this year, before the big day of Imago.

Pixy at first wrote the advices of both the clairvoyant’s on a pan leaf. Kept it side by side and also read it side by side. Every single sentence she read with a very deep thought. But still she doesn’t reach to a valid and sound difference between both the claims.

“Hmm, I am not able to find out the answer of my very first question i.e. Is Imago a good or evil soul?” she sighs

She then recalls each and every activity of Imago. She never felt a wicked and crooked soul residing inside his body. She never had any nightmare after meeting him and moreover Imago’s image has replaced the shadow of her dream.

“No...just simply no....he can’t be a devil.......not because he is my lover and biasness is a human tendency...but because my emotions and my senses worked rightly with him.......and besides, I never got any signals from my inner constitution of his wicked attitude. My senses, my thoughts, my wisdom, my conscious is my own only.....I myself have developed it....therefore, it will never give me wrong advice or will cheat on me. And if I blindly trust my soul and my that case the first clairvoyant holds the true meaning” Pixy made her decision with a certain amount of belief and a bit of logic by looking at the past trends of her life and on the faith that her conscious has never cheated her before so this time also it won’t lie to her.

Certainly, there was a life time danger if her decision holds a vice versa meaning. But you know Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. You have to be at one shore and stick to one say and her decision was to stick to her self-belief.

Then, she starts reading very carefully the only pan leaf on which advice of good clairvoyant was scripted. She carefully re-read the line .............“The only hint which God asked me to pass to you is that believe your inner say and deeply analyze the nature of the issue, you will get your answers and way to reach to Imago. Also, I warn you to mistake a clever and evil spirit as a good and helping hand. Re-check your way before moving ahead”

“Deeply analyze the nature of the issue.........................nature of issue is witchcraft......illegal use of magical or supernatural powers for satisfying personal evil purpose.........the magic has encircled a good soul i.e. of Prince Imago ..........therefore, I will first read on witchcraft and their that I can get the good understanding of the exact situation and also I will be aware of the actual power of the witch” Pixy dared to follow her decision.

She collects the literature on witchcraft and read it and thus come to know about various magical skills and practices. After learning deeply about the malevolence she understands that now she is fully aware of the problem, about the trouble but now she needs to concentrate on the answer. She thinks and thinks.............what can be the answer of witchcraft....where does the solution lies??..........................................hence, she realizes as bad is to good, God is to demon, honest is to dishonest.....similarly witchcraft is to religion........

So, her answers lie in religious books.

She again goes through all the teachings of the religion and the various ways of dealing with the magic.
Ohh.....shit......but which magic has been spelled on her beloved?? She does not hold an answer to it. How is she going to find out the answer of a question which is not known??

Well, while going through the religion book she comes to know that animals also act as a messenger of God. If you tell them your wishes they carry it forward to the universal energies. Therefore, she everyday, in the morning, murmur her wish in the ears of her buffalo Jessie. She tells her to convey to God to enlighten her about the situation and thus help her in her journey of good.
Besides, she tries to establish a telepathic connection with Imago. Also, she requests the wind, clouds and crows to pass her messages to Imago. She asks the air to remind Imago of her, about the beautiful moments which they have spent, about the dreams which they have seen together.

Alas, she failed in everything; even after putting up so much of energy she was not able to make it up.

One fine day when she was busy in collecting religious books from library........her ears suddenly captures the penetrating and wavering voice of a rat. Soon she discovers that his tail has got stuck in a book rack and for help he is making so much of noise. She goes near to the book rack and helps him out. While doing the help her eye rays fall on a very thin and small book, placed on the same rack. The book was covered with layers of dust as if no one has cared for a small and thin book. She clears the dust and gets amazed after reading the title which claims “Answers to magical spells of Celic community”.

She very eagerly opens the book and start reading it.

“Natty is a Celician, definitely the book will be of some help.”
“Aaah..............Finally......finally I got some help and my very first key to
unlock the questions” Pixy uttered.

The book described that witches from Celician community usually use “Labarinth Spell”. In this spell, the witches make a bracelet from the leaves of Mistletoe plant which is tied to the victim on the dark fortnight of Amavasya (no moon day).

And once, it is tied, the individual is under complete hypnotic control of the witch, he acts like a slave.

Hmm, Imago is bound to this spell.

But the good thing was, she found the way to break the spell in the same book.
The remedy says that only a bird of paradise is eligible to open the crooked knot of the bracelet.

“O is also mentioned in the book........I will do anything to make him pull out of the spell.......thank you God for enlightening my way.......” in so many days for the first time nature witnessed a sigh of relief on Pixy’s face.

“Oh no......but this bird of paradise is extremely is found only at the eastern poles of the earth....and it will take years for me to reach the pole.........I just can’t opt this way.....I have a time limit.....till the year end.......I have to find her here only........” Pixy strengthens her determination.
Therefore, in order to find the bird of paradise she starts waking up very early in the morning and did the hunt for the bird in the surroundings. This way so many days passed...but she did not catch a view of the bird.
Again, she got very much depressed.

“.......uff....I am stuck again.......everything has jammed and nothing is working out for me” Pixy realized and out of her pain and frustration started singing the song......

“My Lord......I love you so much....I am blessed with so many gifts.......I again need your help......I again need your me in finding a cute who is equally blessed as I who is as beautiful as who is as pure as who can break the knot of Mistletoe leaves....” and she keeps on singing.

“Dear Pixy, are you looking for your song describes my architecture......” bird of paradise confirmed Pixy.

“O Dear God.....are you bird of paradise?” Pixy enacted with pleasure “but how you came to know that I need you?”

“Sweet Pixy, don’t you know that songs of praises of Lord are heard by every living and non living thing of this Universe. You were praising God in your song....I listened to it and came for your help from the east pole of the earth”. Bird clarified.

Rest to be continued.........................