Sunday, October 25, 2009

My PHD Research Work: Love Hormones

"Intelligence explosion" could be the accurate term one can coin by looking at the exponential growth in logarithmic graph of Science. As per “Technological singularity” a concept which is related to self-improving artificial intelligence, super-intelligence or in simple definition, a theory worked in conjunction for the improvement of our ThinkPad, to build a model or a machine whose effects are speculated to be smarter than humans. In short to create a transhuman, either through intelligence amplification of human brains and artificial intelligence or by producing intelligence augmentation using technologies like bio- and genetic engineering, *nootropic drugs, AI assistants, direct brain-computer interfaces, and mind uploading.

Impressive, brainpower is planning to develop robots that are n times smarter and intelligent than us. Moreover, achieving computational capacity of human brain in the form of Robots will help in military combats, in increasing economical growth and in tackling various financial emergencies.

Besides, IBM is also building a computer “Blue Brain” which simulates a human brain. It’s powered by 2,000 microchips, each acting as a single neuron that enables it to execute 22.8 trillion operations per second.

Great, everybody is after human brain. But no one cares for the poor Heart. The root cause of happiness and unhappiness. Tell me, if we are not happy and satisfied than what is the use of owing worldly possessions, until and unless these humanlike machines provide us with inner peace and gratifies our cravings.

Well, Biological science is no far behind Physics, Chemistry and Computational research work. Life science has achieved greater enhancements.

It has tracks about the phenomena and functionality of biological pathways. We know the role of various chemicals, enzymes, proteins, hormones produced inside human body and their effect on different processes say for e.g. respiration process, metabolic process, cellular process, neuronal process, reproduction process etc.

I am not here to describe the phenomena of each existing biological pathway but to divert your focus on theory and use of hormones, especially Love Hormone.

Let me take you on a tour to magical experiences of dream and reality created by this hormonal set.

To start, Love hormones are dopamine, adrenaline, fenylethylamine, endorphin and oxytocin.

Dopamine: When in love, dopamine gives us the same feeling as when we would use cocaine? Every time we see our love, we get a shot of dopamine and it’s addictive. (I completely agree!!)

Adrenaline: I am damn sure, each one us must be aware of this famous hormone, the hormone that makes people run or fight. But when we’re in love adrenaline causes the reaction that we’re on standby all the way. Our pupils get bigger, our heart rate goes up, our breathing gets faster and we’re not so hungry because we start to work slower.

Fenylethylamine: Fenylethylamine is produced in our brain. It has the same effect as XTC and speed. Our heartbeat increases, we start to breathe faster, and the palms of our hands start to sweat, our cheeks get an extra blood flow and we start to feel happier.

Endorphin: Endorphin is the morphine that our own body produces when we feel pain. When we’re in love it has the same effects as heroine and opium which cause us to feel more happy and joyful. Eating fat, chocolate and sugars make us produce more endorphin. So increase its uptake :-)

Oxytocin: Oxytocin also called the mother hormone or cuddle hormone because when a mom breastfeeds her baby, this hormone is produced in large quantities. When you hug or caress this hormone is produced too. It makes us feel connected, takes away fear and makes us feel confident.

Wouuuuuu!! What a set of wonder hormones.

Morons are we. Right term to use, as we already know the source and biology behind these valuable hormones still have not utilized its power.

I would definitely like to explore this field as my proposed research. To extract these hormones and make drugs by formulating definite concentrations of the above stated five hormones under various physiological conditions.

Since, love hormones are naturally produced and are body friendly, they do not have side-effects unlike opium, heroine, XTA drugs which are artificial. We can relate functionality of these hormones with insulin injection. Insulin, which is naturally produced inside our body to maintain blood sugar and when we run out of it we take it artificially (like a diabetic person).Similarly, taking an oral pill of love hormone would work like boosting our natural system and thus enhancing our in-built hormones. They will be highly needed when we are surrounded with air of dullness because at that time our biological pathways will work and secrete hormones which will make us feel sad.

So, whenever, you feel low take a Love pill and start feeling happier :-). It will be a life saving drug to those who are heart broken. Take this pill and set yourself to attract new love and thus start afresh without wasting your precious time in healing yourself.

Why not to produce this wonder drug and help society in true and sensible sense!!!

Though I hate mixing science and humanity but for sure my vote goes to this Overdose of Science :-) What say??

*nootropic drugs: memory enhancers drugs

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