Sunday, December 20, 2009

Whom to Blame

Many a times
Life is hard,
difficulties gross
not easy to sustain.

No one understands
no one cares,
loneliness overpowers
with miseries infinite.

All efforts made
to do good to others
and actions of love
bring hatred in return.

The burden of life
seems so heavy,
feet get tired
and path too lengthy.

The mind gets puzzled
questions overflow
all this load,
how long to endure?

Why such things
happen to me?
Why this suffering
for me alone?

Who is responsible
for this game?
Whom should I ask?
Whom should I blame?

When I go deep
I understand and feel,
it is me and only me
to be questioned and blamed.

It was me,
who gave the blueprint
to God,
to carve my path.

It was me
who chose my circumstances,
my relations, friends
and this life.

Why do I cry?
Why does my heart become heavy?
Why do tears
roll down my cheeks?

I am solely responsible
for choosing this route.
This unending path
of attachments and desires.

The path of miseries,
love and hate,
happiness and sorrow,
lust and greed.

I questioned myself
I want fortune & fame
Is this our actual aim?
I want fun & want to play
Is that the reason we get another day?

I read the religion
I read the spiritualism 
to understand the meaning of the happenings
I tried my best
To understand what life is?
And what it wants?

Aah!! I am confused
I am stressed
Life seems to be generous
for so many
but at the same time
it acts so harshly with many

Our soul wants us to be free
Just like a bee
But I did a fault
By always following
The path of truth

Let me once again hope
That one day I will
Make out the difference between
The eternal and the ephemeral.

Note: Inspired from a poem written in Heritage of Shirdi Sai.......beech beech main maine bhi apna bahut saara add on karke life ke liye apni khundak nikaal lee :-)

1 comment:

  1. Very nice words.. really loved how honestly the thoughts are expressed.

    I really liked the part
    "It was me, who gave the blueprint to God,"
    I cant agree with more...

    Destiny-apart, really we are responsible for our life...

    Another beautiful aspect is that blog has ended on positive note...

    Aadat se mazboor hoon... Like to take liberty to put some thoughts that come to my mind.. something that i wud love to follow as well...
    (sahi hai galat hai... god may know better)

    One saying comes to ma mind.. "one who knows the problem, knows half the solution".. knowing the problem correctly at the roots of it, certainly seem like a good idea.

    baake, smiling back at life seems like gud mantra..