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In Mahabharata, when the five Pandavas were living in the forest, four of them had fallen unconscious after drinking the water from the enchanted lake. The water was guarded by a Yamraj in the form of a heron who had asked the brothers to answer his questions before drinking. Yudhisthira, the eldest brother and the wisest known person on earth, came in search of his brothers and discover them lying dead on the sea shore. He then comes to know that his brothers life was taken by Yamraj who forwarded them a condition that they will be allowed to drink water if they correctly answers all his questions, but alas all the guys failed and Yamraj took their lives. So now, if the eldest brother can answer all the questions, he will be given with a chance to drink water as well as his brothers will be granted again with their lives. So, the questions were:

Q: “What is heavier than Earth?”
A: “A mother’s love”, replied Yudhisthira.
Q: “By what does one become wise?”
A: “By serving one’s elders.”
Q: “What are the tidings of this world?”
A: “The world is like a cooking pot with the sun as its fire, days and nights as its fuel and months and seasons as its wooden spoon. All of us are being cooked by time.”
Q: “What is the most wonderful thing?”
A: “The most wonderful thing is that although everyday innumerable humans and their animals go to the abode of death, still a man thinks he is immortal.”
Q: “What makes the soul rise out of matter?”
A: “It is knowledge of the Supreme Lord which makes the soul rise.” Pleased by these answers, the spirit then revealed himself to be Yamaraj, none other than the father of Yudhisthira.

Well, I really liked the story from Mahabharata and was fascinated by the thought that if I would have been at the place of Yudhisthira, then what my answers would in order to satisfy my fancy imagination and to make myself feel intelligent, I just tried to answer few terms, taken and chosen from our daily adventures…….I was simply wondering, if we all, really follow and mean the stated terms in their natural sense…without alteration

So here goes the List

Act: What we think, feel and speak is supposed to be translated into action…but most of the times we fail in maintaining the quality of translation……so what comes out as a final action is not the real act but the “DRAMA”

Dharma: righteous and justified act

Destiny: course predetermined by the stars, your own efforts and intention decides your destiny, a new way or different angle taken to perceive the situation.......sorry I could not finalize out of the three definition as in my case all the three has proven equally

Freedom: to perform without any restriction… what in your view is right and leaves you intensely happy

Friends: beautiful and dignified creatures who make our lives easy and decorate it with their charming presence

God: A very simple and sober definition……positive energy, one’s own spirit

Goodness: it can never ever harm others

Hope: It’s a sanjeevani booti which can cure any and every illness

Life: an ocean, holding gems, mysteries, cyclones, depth……you can find them but need to dig out……. Besides, with a very prominent crest of happiness and trough of miseries

Need: is the urge

Promise: in ideal condition it is supposed to be lived….but now it is used as a support in projecting one’s image by delivering kind words and thus making he/she sound as a strong character

Pain: a state of mind.....definitely in which YOU made me Slipped

Struggle: has got the capability to transform you into a better individual and allows you to learn the lessons to value your aimed assets. It simply adds meaning to your Life

Strength: a small, beautiful, multi colored butterfly that is sitting and has got stacked on a leaf, is able to withstand the storm and manage its contact with the leaf…………the same storm….. that blew and uprooted the same tree but could not dissolve the contact of the mere thin butterfly

Time: one attribute, about which we can never be sure about or can never claim to run on our wish or command forever…….when in our favor, time may make us powerful and tactful enough to crown us and thus to handle the authority to pass on the judgment to the imprisoned deer………..or…or…..may be another time cruel enough to transform us in an imprisoned deer…….therefore, we should never be proud of our good time….always try and do justice with ourselves and to our surroundings.......should try to be extra cautious with our deeds both in good/bad earth is round...we will definitely reap what we have sowed in good/bad times....should never be overconfident on our assets, authority, deserving.....we won't be given with the last warning also.... before the departure of our proud owing.....and all because time has changed and now it is no more kind on us....

Wise: one who can manage balance in attitude, thought, speech, action and is able to reciprocate impartially at the confusing times and courageously in bad phases of state of affairs. The one who seeks for the solution, one who never gets carried away with the false suggestions, one who can make out the difference between the right and the wrong

Words: a term believed to be understood before speaking so that one can express the status of his/her feelings………….cross check it once more…. do we really use it to explain the true state………..if I take an example.... we see people very oftenly using either of these 8 letter words (I Love You, I Need You, I Miss You, I am Sorry) ….but the irony is most of the times we do it without meaning it…..just to fulfill the demand of the situation, of the relationship and of the opposite sex. Guess, your partner/friend/family will truly appreciate……. if you sincerely mean it…no need to hop and say before you actually feel…….it can be misleading man!!!.....and if intention is to mislead only……umm....then I don't have anything to say...please carry on with your job of hurting people!!

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  1. i so concur with the definition of god n yep never take good times for granted :)