Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"dhai akshar prem ka"

Note: A very good friend of mine witnessed this incident. Few days back only, he briefed me about his experience. I liked the hidden emotions so much that thought of sharing his perception about Love with everyone.

What love is …Don't know and sometime I don’t want to know? I always wonder why people always fall in love in spite climbing in love. These all questions always pooled my mind whenever I used to check out couples, roaming together with hands in hands; maybe I always lacked Love hormones so never got a high bumps...... but actually I never cared about this subject “LOVEOLOGY”, .....I was happy with my single dome, after all this is my entity. However, one day I came across an incident, and after it I emerged as an individual with different perspective.

During my college days, I used to travel to my hometown via bus, that day I suddenly decided to go to my hometown. Therefore, I called up my friend to drop me to the nearby bus stand. I reached there and bought a ticket. It was like; around half an hour was left for the bus to move. So, I took the seat on common bench where already a Pretty girl was sitting. She was typing a message on her mobile to someone. The very first thought which came to my mind was, without these stupid mobiles what these girls would have been doing? How they would have carried their affairs so efficiently? At that time, I had no cell phone as I had never come across the need of it, even today, I don’t use my cell phone much. Therefore, as I was sharing that common bench with that pretty girl and I had nothing to do, I started peeping in her cell phone. I know this is a real bad habit, but it’s ok! We just can’t stay idealistic at all the time. Ohh!! But I noticed a different scene happening with her. She was continuously writing down the messages but was not getting any message in response from the other side. She typed almost 50 messages to the person on other side of the mobile without getting a single answer. Well, I know this in so much of detail because not even for a single time I heard the SMS tone or the vibration of her mobile. I was genuinely thinking about the cruelty factor of the person who did not bother to answer even for a single time.

As I said before also, I never had any Love experience and never wanted to get involve in this crazy stuff but being an educated human and through my other relationships I at least know this fact that you cannot predict or dictate how a relationship ends but you can certainly choose to let go of it with dignity. Try and give your relationship a closure. It is important to talk as well as to listen, to discuss and together try to understand rationally and without emotion what went wrong. Almost always when a relationship ends, one person tends to shed it faster, while the other wades through the pain and grief of parting. How you respond depends on your personality type and state of dependence on your partner and on your sensitivity level. It can also be impacted by the manner in which the parting happened. Did one unexpectedly walk out of the relationship while the other was unprepared? Or, was it a slow and helpless falling out of love on both sides? Did one cheat or hurt the other in any way? Was there respect in the relationship? Please now do not blame me that if I am out of this Love mania then how come I know the departure situation in so much of details. Well, if you check out the situation, holding a deep down thought, you will notice that Affair situation is no different than the other relationship situation. Every relationship demands the same sincerity and understanding level. In my view, you should always behave the way in which you would like to be treated by the other person. Always ask, would you be able to grasp it effectively if the other person has responded to you in the same way. First keep yourself in other’s shoes and then decide your act. If handled carefully on both sides, parting though still painful, can at least cease to be a lifelong trauma. And for this both the parties should behave properly and elegantly. Without answering, walking out of the relation leaves behind an array of questions pointing out towards the personality and character of the walker. If the relation can start at a good note than it can also end at a good note. By showing your abrupt behaviors please do not abuse your own relationship. World is full of opportunities but it is the sincere feelings of the person himself which bounds him/her back to not to go and check for other options as those who take or see partners as an opportunity and thus rank them on the scale of average, good and bad (by comparing with others) are supposed to be called as ...........please fill in the blank as per your perception. I am not doing it because criticizing and abusing someone is the easiest thing on this planet and I am not meant to do easy stuff :-) and moreover please do not do it until you are very sure of the situation of the other person and here I am not sure of the person's situation so I am leaving it as an open end. I understand that there are certain situations which demands us to shed our true and honest behavior but again I will stick to the point that walking out of the situation silently can never be counted as a descent strategy to end up a relationship. Hence, I felt bad when the girl did not receive a single answer of her so called 50 messages.

Don’t know why, but I was under stress after checking out her grievous condition. I moved out from the Bus and lighted up one cigarette and started giving thoughts on her. I was trying to figure out the reason of her sadness......why she was so sad…what has happened to her as normally girls don’t travel in late evening buses...... why she has planned to take up an unsafe journey…or might be because of some urgency she is traveling........ with every puff a new thought was taking birth in my mind. I finished my cigarette and moved back inside the bus. I looked for my seat and gave her a friendly look but in return I got a blank response.

It was really sad to see tears in such beautiful eyes.....well not only me all the guys would have said the same thing :-)...... I decided to take some other seat as I could feel that she was not going to be comfortable with anyone but the bus was full and I had to sit next to her. She kept on playing with her cell phone with anxiety. She was reading each and every SMS that she had in her mobile and the amazing thing was that all those SMS’s were from one person named ”Raj”. With each SMS, she looked sadder; her tears rested at her eyelashes. However, she kept on reading those SMS’s. Her head was down and her eyes were on mobile and soon bus started moving and with that, her tears too. I was totally astonished that why is she crying for someone who really don’t care about her. Has she gone insane? However, one thing was true, that she was in love with him, not only in love with him but in deep love with him. I easily understood that a terrible breakup had happened and she was not in a situation to hold on. I kept on asking myself how a person can love someone to this extent. How a month old or a year old relationship can be so strong that you can’t stand without it. As I had never been in such relationship, so it was impossible for me to understand her feeling but one thing was for sure I was feeling bad for her.

After moving out of my thoughts, I found her looking out from the window. The breeze was touching the marks of the tears on her chubby cheeks. I could very well perceive that she had lot more things to say but unfortunately she had no one at that time to share her grief. I undoubtedly wanted to talk to her, but didn’t dare to disturb.

She again took her mobile and started reading old SMS’s from Raj and with every SMS she was getting more pathetic. Finally she started sobbing and unknowingly she laid her head on my shoulder, I knew it very well, that it was her unconsciousness. Finally she fell asleep on my shoulder and I too jammed my shoulder bone to make her feel rest. She was sleeping and my mind was occupied with only one word “HOW”. How a girl can be so badly in love with a guy and to tell you she was very beautiful, I can bet, there must be a long queue of her admirers :-). How one can love to such an extent that he/she can’t hold on without the other? There were so many “HOW’s” and “WHY’s” running in my head. Meanwhile, I have no idea how, but suddenly, a sacred love tale zoomed in my mind, the saga of “Meera Bai” that how she was madly in love with “Krishna”. A love with no desire, a love with no demand, a love with no limits, a love with no cause, a love with no Age. Was it the same love? I didn’t know, but one thing I knew, that I was never ever been able to love someone like this. That day I felt that not every person is born with the Feeling of True LOVE, only few people in this World are rewarded with this beautiful feeling. Not everyone holds the courage to stand up and stick to his/her true feelings. Not everyone has the guts to tap on his/her nerves again and again without the support of community. Not everyone has the bravery to speak and to take a stand for his/her love in front of the social norms.

Well, finally, the bus reached my destination and with jerk of the breaks, she woke up and felt sorry for her code of conduct.

I replied, “No..it’s OK.... in fact I wanted to thank you, thank you for helping me out to understand the virtue which I was unaware of”

She asked, “And What is that virtue?”

In reply I gave my pleasing smile and walked away. She kept on looking at me till I got disappeared in the darkness of night. That night, I witnessed the real charm of the human emotions.

It was new beginning for me, it was not exactly night but was real morning in my life …I figured out what true love is?

It is not always between a man and Woman, it is always between hearts. Always keep your heart Open for LOVE because you never know when it will capture you. Also, they are big time fools who fail to understand and realize the true love in the person's eyes who love them deeply. The only thing I can say to those unfortunate gentry is: you were born lucky as you got a chance to receive an unconditional love but you killed your luck yourself by missing it. Please go and have fun with the materialistic wealth and with the fake society, in long run you yourself will witness your LOSS but then it would be too too late to undo the error.

Kabir has rightly said
'pothi padh padh jag muwa pandit bhaya na koy, dhai akshar prem ka padhe so pandit hoy'


  1. Bravo...bravo....simply touching...the story goes deep into the hearts of those who know the value of true love....a simple story written in a very tear-touching way. And once again very difficult to say that you have never experienced it, so as to know it this deep. Impressive..

    PS: I didn't know you smoke, but then again I know very little too..

  2. Thank you so much Kush......and to answer you I would like to keep it very straightforward.........its not like that whatever you say or is able to feel... u must have experienced it.....or can say.. I at least try to understand emotions and situations of other people....u will be surprised to know that I have given parenting tips to 2-3 couples as well and they later on told me that it helped them out and now plz plzzzzzzzzzz dont enquire that if I have a kid :-)

  3. You had only told me that you learn about life from experiences...so just added 2+2 simply....I am not at all surprised because I have done that too....regarding the kid part, well you never know...maybe you are another Angelina on the making :)...Your such in-depth blogs are worth of praise...You got yourself an admirer now !!

  4. picturesque, emotional, amazing, realistic & lovely :D ...

  5. hahahahahah.......WoW you compared me with Jolie..hardly matters if it is on the basis of parenting :-)
    Well, everything which I write in my blog is a mix of my own personal experiences, surrounding experiences (frnz, family, frnz of frnz) and a bit of imagination... finally garnished with a tadka of indian mentality so that ppl can connect themselves......guess I am talkng like a celebrity writer...ehehehe....kya jaata hai agar thodi khushi milti hai self praising se... :-)