Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chaandi ke Gole

Ingredients: Bread, Milk, Milkmaid, Cream (malai), Fruits (apple, grapes, orange), dry fruits

Time: 20 mins

Mixture Preparation- Mix 1 small can of milkmaid with 1 bowl full of cream (malai) and 1 bowl of cold milk.

Cut the fruits into very very very small pieces.

Soak the bread in cold milk and remove the outer linning of the bread. After a minute, take out the bread and stuff it with the cut fruits and make a ball of it.

Now dip the ball in the mixture and keep the dish in freezer.

After 15 mins take the dish out of the freezer and garnish it with dry fruits.

So, ready to eat. Serve it to your mouth watering tongue and help youself .:-)

Note: I tried the dish this Sunday and to tell you it proved out to be the yummiest thing on earth....Man I loved it!!.......


  1. Looks simply divine!!! Will definitely try it

  2. Looks divine..tastes heavenly!! Thanks a lot Shweta!! :)

  3. This looks out of this world! Can't internet transfer sweets instead of just cookies ;)

  4. Its tempting to see ven r u going to bring it for snacks-outing? :)