Sunday, December 27, 2009

Living From Your Heart

Living from your heart gives you a happy life. Life is too short not to enjoy it. You can enjoy life if you let your heart shine and not bury it deep, deep, down until there is no feeling left. Nevertheless there is always a feeling there. All that has happened is it has just been pushed “underground” deep inside ourselves.

An open heart has two sides to it. Firstly you feel vulnerable because you are so open. This vulnerability makes us scared because we have been hurt so many times in the past. But it is this vulnerability that gives us the softness, the GODDESS ENERGY, that all males and females have inside of us and allow us to express it into our lives. Secondly an open heart brings many gifts into our lives because we are in touch with our feelings. We are connected to who we are, our passions, lifestyle choices, sense of joy, and enjoyment of life. It means we are more true to who we are as people.

Children have such an open heart. We all did when we were children. See how much fun children have? They show true joy. Children have not closed down the heart center yet so they enjoy the moment and feel satisfied and fulfilled. But we can too. We just need to connect to our higher self.

We can nurture ourselves as adults. We can treat ourselves well and bring joy into our lives. Our dreams can still come true. Our dreams come from our own heart center, not from the heart center of someone else. Only you can be in touch with you. It doesn’t mean others do not love you. They do. But they cannot feel what you feel. Allow yourself to love yourself.

The heart center of us all has it own intelligence. There is an intelligence of the heart that doesn’t get much publicity these days. The consciousness of people is changing as more and more people are becoming aware. The heart knows what makes us happy. Not the intellect. The intellect is not the feeling center of a person. The intellect is very useful, and can be applied to many things, do not get me wrong. But it needs to be in balance with the wisdom and intelligence of our heart center. There is yin, and there is yang in life. There is female energy, and there is male energy. There is the heart center, and there is the intellectual center. The key to great living is to have balance.

People who feel happy are in touch with their hearts. If we are out of touch we can find our way back to our feeling center.

Note: I found it as an interesting topic to share with you all. I got this post while surfing on net.

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