Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Trouble

You are burdened by a guilt which is now manifested as repressed fear. You think no one will notice it unless it is disturbed. But you personalized your "guilt" a long time ago and now it makes you restless. You know now that you have sinned. But still you would like to remain in the protective shell of your surroundings but some aspect of your life has become too "hard". You are neglecting something; you want to walk before you can crawl. You have disturbed the natural flow of events and now your rash and hasty actions have led you to the edge of a precipice. A piece of the path is missing between the first step and the third. You want to pluck success out of thin air without going through the effort of taking one step at a time. Now you are literally suspended in thin air. There is a danger of your roots driving down so deep that you can never find the strength again to free yourself. Please realize that it’s high time for you and you do not have the other option than to struggle with an inner choice. There are two ways of tackling the current problem. One involves reconciling yourself to the conditions of life — i.e. acceptance. The other suggests rejection and becom¬ing strong and thus to take a stand for your inner say else you could miss a chance to forgive (yourself, someone else or your destiny). The forces of wisdom and bitterness are fighting for control of your soul. I know you are going to face a tough situation. Let me assist you in it. Believe me; a journey of release will help you in growth. It’s time to discard deep-rooted anchors – what has been holding you back? Let it go. Discard your EGO which has been holding you from taking a move. Be courageous enough to take the responsibility of your deeds, it hardly matters if it is a sin or a kind act. If you have a conscious which is not dead, if you have got a good understanding of emotions, if you value relationships, if your thoughts resembles to a courageous Prince, if you have a pure soul, if you understand the depth of the pain, if you have guts to accept your fault and if God is there to help flora and fauna; you are bound to pay a revisit else you are just another member of the mob. For sure, if you have all the stated prerequisites, you will end up in making a judicious proceeding which will finally lead to your search for peace and that is none other than the person whom you have sinned. Each one of us fall, each one of us is surrounded by dilemma, each one of us is asked for sacrifice, each one of us need happiness, so there is nothing wrong if at times you could not make the right move and it’s never late also to realize. Main idea is to realize and correct it and in return you will get what you have wished for…well… I do not believe it, I know it!!

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