Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Religion & I

Religions in principle preach love for mankind and are meant for transforming our hearts and taming our minds with a view to realize the divine spirit within us. Religions were meant to overcome one's weakness but ironically they themselves have become one's weakness.

You will very frequently witness people saying “my dharma says this” or “this is against my dharma” bla bla.....In real the word dharma in Sanskrit has a variety of meanings. It is used in the sense of justice, moral values, pious obligations to others, right conduct, giving alms, natural qualities etc. But do you actually witness people following it in real sense. I am sorry, but the meaning of the teachings gets changed as per our concern and situation.

If I go deep down, our mythology has a concept about our religion which is known to a very few of us. Let me make you aware. As per our Indian philosophy there are six systems 1). Samkhya 2) yoga 3) nyaya 4) vaisheshika 5) purva mimamsa 6) uttara mimamsa.

And you may be surprised to know that one of them i.e. Samkhya does not beleive in the existence of God. It admits only the purusha and prakriti (the matter and spirit). I, in person, try to follow Samkhya!!

In a broader perspective there are two things before every religion: 1) Life on this earth and 2) Life hereafter. You will seriously laugh, if I tell you, I know many people who make their life miserable by knocking down their heads to the issues related to the other world by considering Karmic effects and planetary movements, and many of them are highly educated also.

Well!! One thing is but obvious; nothing on this earth is irrelevant. Like everything happens for a reason similarly everything has got its own base and sound concepts. I follow and respect every concept, may it be science facts or religious teachings, but not at the cost of sight of blindness. You will be surprised to know that I too believe in astrology, palmistry and planets. Even I have studied various Western and Indian astrological concepts and their effects on our life. According to my understanding the core fact which I was able to grill out after doing so much R&D is:

Astrology says “Everything is fixed, yet not fixed” means planets and your karmas make you fall in a situation which may be in your favor or just against you but still ball lies in your court to play the final game of destiny. I personally believe that there is nothing beyond the power of your soul. Things may get worse or things may go good what actually matter is how we take and tackle it. Do you sincerely feel that the persons who are successful have got it easily? Their planets worked always in their favor. Good and bad, sad and mad, toughs and crest, life and death, smoothies and challenges are part and parcel of our existence. It happens with each one of us, it’s just, at times we realize and many a times we do not. If the previous statement reveals something which is but obvious to happen with each one of us then what is the issue of denying it or fearing it. Key to be a winner in life is to “Believe in yourself and your beloveds, do not ignore the power granted to you, your own will”

At last, I can only say that religion as preached by its founders is a blessing but as practiced by some of its followers is a curse.


  1. Now thts some thing which each and every one of us should follow.....
    Being religious without putting logic in it is a waste of ones knowledge and belief

  2. Now thts something which each one of us should follow...... religion without any logic is always meaning less....

    "Astrology says “Everything is fixed, yet not fixed” means planets and your karmas make you fall in a situation which may be in your favor or just against you but still ball lies in your court to play the final game of destiny."

    This is what i believe

  3. Satya-vachan.....a very excellent topic you have indulged in here, You could have played a bit more with your thoughts for other's knowledge....