Monday, November 16, 2009

A Silent Invocation

“Yaar, let’s have golgappe. Wat say?”

“Haathi kahi ki, Itni badi hai size main tab bhi poori Idiot hai, chup chaap upar chal. Pagal see hai, ise har waqt khaane ki padee rehti hai.”

“Hadh hai dopahar ho gayee hai and itni door aaye hai to golgappe khake hee jaayenge and pastry bhi, morning main ekdam fresh milti hai....yummie”

“Hmm, ok! but I am telling you it’s not a good idea to go and have golgappa first.
We should go empty stomach”

“Arey its ok yaar, itna nahi sochna chhaiye, bas abb deemag mat khaa and chalte hai golgappe ke liye..!!!”

Yeepeee....after such a long discussion finally I managed to convince my friends Mani and Anu to go to market first and satisfy our greedy tongues, especially mine.

I was so much hungry that I did not need to place my order to shopkeeper. Eating items were quite visible in my eye balls. Picture of Golgappa in one eye ball and pastry in other. Shopkeeper read the order himself and said “Madam, we neither have golgappa nor pastry”

“What? But it’s noon. Pastries are delivered to your shop early morning by the delivery van and your chef starts preparing golgappa’s after 11 AM.” I forwarded my knowledge about his shop.

“You are right Madame, but today delivery Van didn’t come and chef has not yet started making golgappa’s” Shopkeeper regretted.

His words flushed all the pictures exposed in my eye balls. After hearing him my fatty cheeks hanged down out of sadness.

“Dekha, naa hee teri pastry hai naa hee golgappe abb chal” Anu screamed.
“Let’s try in other shop, we can have aloo ka paratha in nearby dhaba and after that we all can have ice-cream” I shared my plan.

I guess, it was our bad luck that day, dressed up in best of its outfits. To our surprises we didn’t get paratha’s and ice cream also. It was really unusual.
Shoghi, is a small town near Shimla. But still it has 20-30 shops and moreover it was 1 pm.

Actually, my group (I myself, Mani and Anu) were in a habit of visiting Taradevi Temple every Sunday. The temple was located on the highest peak of Shoghi.
On every Sunday, langar was organized in the temple’s circumference in afternoon. In order to avoid tasteless lunch of our college’s mess the trio used to go and do darshan of Tara mata and eat her prasad in langar. Sounds disgusting!! But atleast try to imagine the taste of the food, how much disgusting it will be, that it forced us to perform this act. Hope now atleast your sympathies will lie with us :-)

All three of us were the leaders of lazy assess; to get up late on Sunday and miss the breakfast was a routine. Nothing new!! But you know this way; unknowingly, we made and followed the trend of visiting the temple empty stomach.

Like every Sunday, this Sunday also, we were waiting for Bus from Shoghi for temple. That day we were a bit late in reaching the bus stand of Shoghi and thus missed the bus. The next Bus was scheduled after half an hour.

So, all the above stated conversations took place in between that half an hour.

Meanwhile, bus arrived and we started our journey. Journey which ends in tasty food. :-)

We landed up to the temple’s circumference and after taking Mata’s blessings we marched towards langar hall.

Please...please....please.... do not laugh, if I say that we did not get langar also. Actually, we were late and by then it was all over.

O Dear God, sure shot it was my turn to hear from my friends.

“Laalchi kahee ki...aa gaya gaye laddu pede.....mana kiya tha but tujhe to khaane ki padee thee” mani showed her anger this way

“Listen guys!! It’s not my fault only, you are equally chargeable. Being a majority, if you would have denied my request for food, then things would have taken a different shape. As then I was bound to follow you. So do not blame me for your hunger” I was quick enough to balance the situation.

But surely, the happening left all three of us in great confusion. We were not able to decide and give the name to the experience. We should call it as “incidence or co-incidence” was the only question.

Guess, our act of visiting temple with the intention of having lunch there was a mistake in our eyes. But it was compensated by our act of taking the Goddess blessing with an empty stomach in her eyes. So, she never punished us. But this time we did a mistake and we got our share of silent beat also from her.

So, this was the episode which happened to me almost 4 years back. I have a list of similar experiences though they differ a bit. There, I do not get a bang from Almighty but very prompt signs of his blessings, in different ways. I feel happy to share with you all, that till date my every single wish has been granted. I always have got more than my deserving.

It’s not about visiting temple every day or offering prayers. I remember, many of my correct demands, made while brushing my teeth’s, were equally considered for grant.
After listening to my experiences, you can call me a “Religious person”. But please do not give me this title by saying that I visit temple and follow rituals. Please believe me, I never do so!!

As per me religion is nothing but a manual (a set of instructions) written by man to reach God.

Have you ever realized why no religion in this world, if I say no it means an “absolute no”, has a religion book or holy book written by GOD himself? All of them are written by Satguru’s or by highly religious pure souls.
But why any GOD of any religion did not think of writing down its philosophy? Answer is straightforward he knew that written statements can be easily misinterpreted!! And that is exactly what is happening.

So in this way I am not religious. I do not follow any scripts.

In my dictionary Religion is:

“ Religion is the banana skin,whereas Spirituality is the banana itself. Religion is important and can take you up to a point in your evolution. After that for Religion to make sense, you will need to get to the core of Religion which is Spirituality. I like to say, Spirituality is what Religion wants to be when it grows up!”

But many of us have more faith in worldly scripts written by pundits, astrologers and other society people. We don’t have faith in our deeds, our sensible attitude, our courage to trust own spirit (Which is actually our God) that’s why we fail to realize our own judgment and accept other people’s sayings.

Uff! really very very sorry. I again, as per my habit; drifted away from the topic of concern.

Hardly matter’s, you will come to know few more things. :-)

Well, earlier I was hesitating to share it publicly as I am a bit introvert person. I do not wish people to interfere and do postmortem of the incidences happened with me. I do not like to debate on the perspectives and the meanings which I conclude from a particular happening, though I am equally open for suggestions but definitely not in every case.

If this is the case then why am I disclosing it openly? Let me tell you why?

Last Sunday, I went to Shimla to meet my friends and refresh some nostalgic moments. I decided to visit Mata’s temple but this time with a difference in my intention. It was almost 2 pm when I was waiting for bus in Shoghi and I was empty stomach that too voluntarily. After taking the blessings, I was so much happy that I decided to share my happiness with each one of you.

So, it’s my happiness which I am sharing with you and not the incidence only.

Note: I did both my B.Tech and M.Tech from Shimla.


  1. hehehehehe...mast story hai days yaad aa gaye really:)

  2. oh to aap double engineer ho.....gr8...
    waise hope god fullfill all the wishes which u have

  3. arre khaaou... pura padh bhi nahi paya... jahan dekho khana khana.... hadh ho gayi