Friday, November 13, 2009

The Dilemma

The Situation: You face a difficult decision; you can't make up your mind. A sacrifice is called for one way or the other, and this sacrifice is too great. So you remain hesitant. That's the heart of the matter. You try in vain to make your world function properly but things are beyond your control. The world doesn't respond to your efforts anymore; chaos seems to compile against you. Others are causing your world to be surrounded by walls, causing confusion. Your words don't explain what you want to say.

The Problem: You are tricking yourself. You deceive yourself and project the self-deception onto someone else, creating a self fulfilling prophesy by “forcing”. This person to betray you. It is difficult to see yourself in this mirror, but the longer you try to avoid your reflection, the cloudier and more opaque it will become. Your path towards life involves too much “we” and too little of yourself.

The Solution: If you keep your wits about you and refuse to be depressed, you will manage to sail through this time with flying colors and be amazed at your strength of will when you have come out of the other end of the fog and retrospectively look back on how well you handled yourself and the dilemma you had faced. Endurance is the key to coping. Work on your inner-self. Spend time understanding the true you. Trust your instincts. Focus on making the correct steps and finding the right path for you. Your soul and your path should work in complete harmony. Allow peace, light and clarity to guide your way. But it will happen only when, when you will look within, cleanse, release, accept and move forward. Always trust your inner-self over society's beliefs. You have every answer within; you do not need to search it elsewhere. Judge it yourself. Involve yourself in justified acts only. Your dilemma is to opt out of the two paths. Be bold enough to choose the right path irrespective of the loop holes or the negatives. May be in start, the right path would not offer any treats to your head and heart but in the end you yourself will realize that you have got what you wanted. If you gather courage to follow your inner-say and perform the righteous act and make yourself immune to the temptations and false advices of the surrounding authority, in near future you will realize that your path of development has given you wings and you didn't even notice it. Now it is the time for you to fly!! Spring time, Laughter, Power, Love is waiting for you. It's very simple if you do right you will get right but irony is we get deflected very easily from the right path and for sure right path doesn't hold temptations in between but at the end you are definite to experience the fruit from nature which was invisible before. So, Do Right to Make it Right and thus to Get Right!!

Note: I never failed on this theory. Whenever I applied it, I have won over the circumstances. Though it seems very philosophical and outdated in the present scenario but it has always helped.I am not sure it will help you in same way or not? But give it a try!! (If you do not wish to take it from me then learn something from Vellai,Osul, Kelly & Chitrangada...hehehe....they also followed the same...realize your inner-strength, follow your inner-say and act right :-))

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  1. The path of righteousness, the one and only for the strong ones....You have touched a topic of my life, a topic which dwells in my principles...Again I would say you could have explained a bit more in this, would have loved to read more on this....