Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mistakenly Mistaken Mistake

“Perfection of Wisdom”. I was / am looking for it since quite a few months. Since my childhood, I have been making my share of mistakes, nothing unique to mention; as we all commit it, and after every incident I used to think and say to myself confidently that I have become wise now and can manage any kind of unseen circumstances. So, playing as a true role of an optimistic moron, I every time thanked God for sanctifying that particular piece of distrustful cake and thus make my taste glands adaptable for the cursed curry. But somehow or it might be quite natural also, that we never stop from consigning a slip-up. We add up to our crunchy choco-bar with more mystical serious nut-cracker falsies with the passing time.

It was during my high school times when I realized that one should open her mouth by first observing the surroundings and should always indulge in a meaningful and sensible gesture in a public place. I got the beat of the heat when I was co-incidentally caught by a female teacher who incidentally was engaged with our geography teacher. If I speak of the incidence then at that time outside auditorium, standing in the queue, I was loudly speaking bullish about the geography teacher. The frustration and indifferent words spooned in my mouth because of the unorganized cultural program and it made me to utter “kya gadhe sir hain and humain bhi gadho ki tarah line main khada karwa rakha hain”.
Hmm….well….well……there were no major serious side effects than this that I got a thrash from his fiancée (a public and an insulting one too:-)) and also I never got more than average marks in Geography thereafter.

So, from here onwards I took a major lesson “See before you Speak”.

Well I, without any fail, believe that our faith is not rooted in mystical sayings that sound profound but actually have no real meaning. We receive and experience it first, and then only we believe it. But yes, definitely, I was not like this before. I used to believe and see without testing its real worth and without experiencing it. I semi-understood this fact, when I got a series of surprising comments from few of my friends whom I always considered good and well-wishers of mine.

Therefore, I took a major lesson “See and Analyze before you Believe”.

Hmm…..well I didn’t stop after my sessions of mistaken lessons. I corrected myself again.

Again! How? Let me tell you how?.....

Standing today I can confidently say “I  hardly meet a person who confesses that he/she is spectacularly stupid and exceptionally dim. Everyone try to be and prove to be at par against the person, standing in his/her premises. Their mind claims to think themselves as intelligent as a NASA officer and as witty as the “Great Chanakya”. Alas! Reality is spitted out when their pre-assumed mind frame gets a good skid with the barren, unruly and hidden circumstances that emerges out with the flush of a gusty air.” Now I know this fact but the actual truth is: I used to be one of those “ONE package” gentry.

So, I took a major lesson “See and analyze, but never assume you know everything”.

By rowing in a boat, decorated with blundered flowers, I have covered almost one-fourth (ideal situation) of my journey and have luckily/unluckily participated in committing small, big, serious, non-serious blunders. Also blunders which do not fall into previously mentioned categories should be equally taken into account and counted.

 Well, before moving further, I would like to request to the readers to not to take me as a descendant of a playing card joker. It’s not like that I do learn from my mistakes only and thus wait for the incident to preach me with a learning chapter but at several times learn from other’s mistakes as well.

I have seen people with grey hair who are extremely wise and have witnessed the hurt given by the strings of this bloody life’s hell prison. Many of them can be truly crowned with the Doctorate of Wisdom. Whatever they say is always right. Whatever they predict always comes true and whatever they decide is a worthy decision to follow.

But irony is I have also seen those very same Doctorates committing the silliest possible mistakes and I do feel sad after discovering the fact that “Even if you know almost everything you are still eligible to make a Mistakenly Mistaken Mistake”

Oohh la…la…..if mistake is quite natural, if mistake is meant to be committed, if mistake has got a permanent seat in the humane life-cycle and if mistake can never be avoided or terminated completely then why the hell one should think of achieving “Perfection of Wisdom”

All human beings, by nature, desire to know and are bound to know through Mistakes!!



  1. Mistake is not natural, its misinterpretation or giving up to one's desires/act of randomness which tends to make us humans believe we have committed a mistake. Mistake is stamped so when we admit it as a mistake, if not then its just another chapter or lesson of knowledge in life, leading to mastery of the volume named "wisdom of life"....Mistake is never meant to be committed, if its repeated then that means we have been ignorant of it, foolish to understand it or just adamant to not accept it so....Mistake like right/wrong is relative; one's mistake could be a boon for another.
    Yes, perfection of wisdom is a daunting task or goal to set by a human, a common man. Mistakes are like serendipity discoveries, only here it hurts us (since we make it so). God as you speak of gives us chances to learn, we turn it into mistakes for ourselves to cry around..
    Lastly, it might be possible that you are mistaking your thoughts on mistakenly mistaken mistake; which you might have mistook to be eligible for learning in human's life....

  2. Well.Commiting a mistake is an activity which is relative and it is usually compared with standards and data previously known to human.There were a lot of instances in the past when people thought a mistake was committed but it turned out that the results of the mistake were better than the previously existing human knowledge.Fire was invented mistakenly,so is the Indian tea.

    If mistake can be avoided or terminated completely then there may be nothing like “Perfection of Wisdom”.

    Since committing a mistake is a relative activity,perfection of wisdom is also a relative activity and its just that you are perfect until you meet somebody who is more perfect.

    That's an interesting article.

  3. I think you should seriously consider alternate career, may be Philosophy is just your thing...!!!