Thursday, August 11, 2011

Freaky Mind

Boredom crossed its heights;
I always wished to take a Leh flight.
The Ganges seems so far;
What stops me to accelerate my car?

Y can’t I go and take a world round;
Y don’t I have enough pound.
Y do I always need to think of culture;
Tell me Y can’t I be free, like a vulture?

There are things to do before I die;
Please ask sunset to stop telling lie.
Almost lost one third of living;
When will I stop this day-night cribbing?

I always think to be self-daring;
To undo my surcharged thinking!!
It’s so simple, yet so hard!!!
Y can’t I be a hippie at heart?????


  1. After a long time you have penned down your thoughts once again I see, my friend...And since old habits die hard (& some habits never die); so I couldn't stop myself from replying in my own way with words :)

    Boredom is just a phrase,
    for one to pass & go..
    Why wish to go to Leh?
    where boredom shan't stoop low....

    The Ganges are never far,
    they just seem out of reach..
    Why drive a car to the river?
    When to a boatman you should beseech....

    Its not always about money,
    its not about Dollars & pound..
    When one's heart is light & free,
    that's when she is ready to travel around....

    The vulture is no free bird my friend,
    the bird of prey is imprisoned to the dead..
    Be free like the Eagles & Falcons,
    to sky who have seem to wed....

    Death is only just the beginning,
    you have many lives to do your chores..
    The sunset is just a truth of life,
    you will admire its lies, when at the shores....

    To each his own I suppose,
    where one is hippie, while other with a task..
    Is to be free and unbound truly freedom ??
    Is the night truly the shining Sun's mask ??

  2. In response to:
    Y can’t I be a hippie at heart?????

    You are but a hippie at heart,
    Just close your eyes and feel its art :)

  3. Beautifully written.. Loved it.....

    Keep Smiling.. Bless You.. Tc